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The Budget will have a mixed impact on the fight against climate change

Press release 16 March, 2016

Commenting on the publication today (16 March 2016) of Budget 2016, Professor Sam Fankhauser, Co-Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School … read more »


The competitiveness impact of a UK carbon price: what do the data say?

a policy paper by David Grover, Ganga Shreedhar, Dimitri Zenghelis 11 January, 2016

This paper explores the potential impact of a uniform £20 per tonne carbon price on fuels and production costs across all 106 industries that comprise the UK economy. read more »


Consultation response: ‘Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape’

a policy paper by Samuela Bassi, Chris Duffy, Samuel Fankhauser, Bob Ward, Dimitri Zenghelis 23 November, 2015

This policy paper was submitted to HM Treasury in response to its consultation on ‘Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape’. read more »


Climate change priorities for the next UK Government

a policy report by Samuela Bassi, Chris Duffy, Ajay Gambhir, Bob Ward, Dimitri Zenghelis 30 March, 2015

The next UK Government after the General Election on 7 May should reform the UK’s overly-complex energy taxation and create new institutions to depoliticise infrastructure investment, particularly in the energy sector. These recommendations are among several new measures outlined in the Institute’s latest policy brief ‘Climate change priorities for the next UK government’. read more »

What potential reserves of shale gas are there in the UK?

What potential reserves of shale gas are there in the UK?

 (updated 7th August 2014). The amount of shale gas in the UK that could actually be recovered remains uncertain, given that relatively few detailed explorations have been conducted to date. … read more »


Climate adaptation must be backed by communication

in the news Bob Ward 23 July, 2014

Bob Ward calls on newly appointed Environment Secretary Liz Truss to deliver a more coherent approach to climate adaptation read more »


Burden or opportunity? How UK emissions reductions policies affect the competitiveness of businesses

a policy paper by Dimitri Zenghelis, Samuela Bassi 6 July, 2014

The ongoing review of the UK’s Fourth Carbon Budget is closely linked to the debate over the impact that domestic climate change policies can have on the competitiveness of businesses. … read more »

Carolyn Fischer – Environmental and Technology Policy Options in the Electricity Sector: interactions and outcomes

Research Seminar Serie 16 Jan 2013

Speaker: Carolyn Fischer, Resources for the Future read more »


Walking alone? How the UK’s carbon targets compare with its competitors’

a policy paper by Samuela Bassi, Samuel Fankhauser, Fergus Green, Michal Nachmany 18 March, 2014

The UK Government is reviewing the fourth carbon budget for the period  2023-27. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the budget, which was originally legislated in … read more »

Taxing Energy Use: A graphical analysis of OECD energy use and taxation

Policy Seminar 11 Mar 2014

Grantham Research Institute hosted this policy seminar by the OECD. Michelle Harding, Economist at the OECD, presented the key findings of the report “Taxing Energy Use: A Graphical Analysis … read more »

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