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How to price carbon to reach net-zero emissions in the UK

a policy publication by Josh Burke, Rebecca Byrnes, Sam Fankhauser 22 May, 2019

This report explains the importance of pricing carbon as a key component of any strategy to reach net-zero emissions in the UK, setting out how the price may differ sector to sector and how to incentivise negative emissions. read more »

UK Government should create market for greenhouse gas removals and increase carbon prices for businesses to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Press release 22 May, 2019

To achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the Government should create a market for so-called ‘negative emissions’ that result from the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, … read more »

Responding with urgency: the role of UK aid in combating climate change

a commentary by Patrick Curran 9 May, 2019

Patrick Curran considers the findings of a new parliamentary report on UK aid for combating climate change. read more »

Urgent response needed from UK Government on net-zero emissions

Urgent response needed from UK Government on net-zero emissions

a commentary by Bob Ward 3 May, 2019

Bob Ward sets out five urgent actions for the UK Government in response to the Committee on Climate Change’s new report on achieving net-zero emissions read more »

Government has now been “passed the baton” of net zero climate change target

Press release 2 May, 2019

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today (Thursday 2nd May) published its report ‘Net Zero The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming’ which sets out advice to government on … read more »

What is net zero?

a commentary by Josh Burke 30 April, 2019

What does ‘net-zero’ emissions mean and what are the challenges – from technological to moral – to achieving it, in the UK and worldwide? read more »

How do UK businesses walk the talk of net-zero ambition?

a commentary by Sam Unsworth 1 April, 2019

Business must deliver a step-change in its own ambitions and discourse if the UK is to meet a 2050 net-zero emissions target, argues Sam Unsworth. read more »

Is the UK doing enough to prepare for the last days of coal and the eventual phase-out of oil and gas?

a commentary by Josh Burke 28 February, 2019

The UK’s coal phase-out may be proceeding apace but there remains a gap where ‘just transition’ plans should sit – for coal and for other fossil fuel industry – argues Josh Burke. read more »

A personal and professional perspective on the school ‘climate strike’

a commentary by Michal Nachmany 15 February, 2019

At 11 o’clock this morning thousands of school students in the UK walked out of their lessons to demand increased action on climate change. My 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter … read more »

New report shows how investors can take account of social impacts when financing action on climate change

Press release 4 February, 2019

UK investors have a “strategic opportunity” to ensure that the action on climate change that they are financing has a positive social impact across the country, according to a new … read more »