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When money speaks the language of justice: investors, banks and the just transition

When money speaks the language of justice: investors, banks and the just transition

a commentary by Nick Robins 1 July, 2019

Nick Robins explores how UK banks and investors are starting to get behind the just transition that is needed for the country to reach its new net-zero target. read more »

History is made as UK’s net zero emissions target becomes law

Press release 27 June, 2019

The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science today (Thursday 27 June 2019) welcomed the signing into law of … read more »

Lord Lawson’s desperate last attempt at misinformation about net zero target

a commentary by Bob Ward 25 June, 2019

The UK Parliament is due to pass the legislation this week that amends the long-term 2050 target for annual greenhouse gases in the Climate Change Act 2008 to net zero … read more »

A strong carbon price to help the UK get to net-zero

a commentary by Josh Burke 24 June, 2019

Carbon pricing could form the policy bedrock for a net-zero target, argues Josh Burke Inaction on climate change puts the world in grave danger. Action must, therefore, be accelerated. This … read more »

Nicholas Stern

Prime Minister deserves “great credit” for 2050 net-zero target, says Lord Stern

Press release 12 June, 2019

Lord Stern welcomes the “historic move” by the UK Government to set a target for cutting annual emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050. read more »

250 experts call for Prime Minister Theresa May to use State Visit to challenge President Donald Trump on climate change

Press release 3 June, 2019

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to confront US President Donald Trump during his State Visit to the United Kingdom over his “reckless” approach to climate change, in a letter made public today and signed by 250 researchers at institutions across the UK. read more »

How to price carbon to reach net-zero emissions in the UK

a policy publication by Josh Burke, Rebecca Byrnes, Sam Fankhauser 22 May, 2019

This report explains the importance of pricing carbon as a key component of any strategy to reach net-zero emissions in the UK, setting out how the price may differ sector to sector and how to incentivise negative emissions. read more »

UK Government should create market for greenhouse gas removals and increase carbon prices for businesses to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Press release 22 May, 2019

To achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the Government should create a market for so-called ‘negative emissions’ that result from the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, … read more »

Responding with urgency: the role of UK aid in combating climate change

a commentary by Patrick Curran 9 May, 2019

Patrick Curran considers the findings of a new parliamentary report on UK aid for combating climate change. read more »

Urgent response needed from UK Government on net-zero emissions

Urgent response needed from UK Government on net-zero emissions

a commentary by Bob Ward 3 May, 2019

Bob Ward sets out five urgent actions for the UK Government in response to the Committee on Climate Change’s new report on achieving net-zero emissions read more »