Sabrina was a Policy Analyst working on sustainable finance policy with a particular focus on just transition in both developed and developing country contexts.


Prior to joining the Grantham Research Institute, Sabrina was a Credit Analyst at Fitch Ratings where she was responsible for a portfolio of credit ratings in the infrastructure sector. Sabrina also contributed to Fitch’s implementation of its ESG Relevance Scores and its broader ESG strategy. Before that, she worked at the WWF and the GIZ in their respective sustainable finance teams. Sabrina holds a MSc from Stockholm University and a BSc from the University of Tübingen. 

Research interests

  • Just transition pathways in developed and developing countries
  • Role of private investors in financing the just transition 
  • Role of the public sector, including local government and communities, in driving the just transition
  • Financial regulation aiming at a sustainable financial system
  • Financial instruments including green and sustainability-linked bonds
  • Green and brown taxonomies
  • Sustainability-related metrics


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Efforts are growing to quantify and characterise the ‘green economy’, and to identify opportunities to be seized and challenges to be overcome in the transition to net-zero. This report and accompanying policy brief shed light on the quantity and quality of current green labour markets, to inform policy action and future research. Read more

This report sets out a framework of just transition expectations that investors can use in conducting due diligence and assessments of companies, engaging with portfolio holdings and allocating capital. The framework is based on international standards and emerging practice and is applied to five companies in the European electric utilities sector. Read more


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