Louise Kessler

Louise has been based at the Grantham Research Institute since Autumn 2013.


Louise holds a Master’s degree from HEC Paris, as well as an MSc in Environmental and Energy Economics from Ecole des Mines de Paris.

In addition, she has worked as a financial analyst in the Natural Resources team at Macquarie in London, and as an investment officer at CDC Climat in Paris, where she was focusing on issues related to energy efficiency, carbon funds and voluntary compensation.

Research interests

  • Climate change economics;
  • Decision theory under uncertainty;
  • Behavioral economics;
  • Environmental and resource economics.

More information

Louise Kessler – CV


Research - 2017

Research - 2016

This paper examines the question of whether fighting climate change has the additional advantage of reducing the aggregate risk borne by future generations. This raises the question of the ‘climate beta’, i.e. the elasticity of climate damages with respect to a change in aggregate consumption. Read more

Research - 2015


Policy - 2020

This study explores the distributional impacts of a net-zero-consistent carbon price across different household types and income deciles in the UK; and examines which combination of interventions may reduce carbon consumption and still be progressive. The authors find that it is possible to design a revenue recycling scheme that leaves fuel-poor and low-income households better off while driving the transition to net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050. Read more

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