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This report presents the headline findings from a national survey of UK-based organisations’ perceptions about adapting to a changing climate, providing insights into a wide range of factors affecting organisational and sectoral perspectives on preparedness, risk and adaptation. Read more

This report is intended as a stocktake of the current context for central bank and financial supervisory action on biodiversity loss. It sets out the state of understanding on the linkages between biodiversity-related risks and financial stability, provides examples of emerging central bank and private finance activity, and identifies key themes, challenges and open questions. Read more

This letter from Lord Nicholas Stern to Aleksei Mozhin (Dean of the IMF Board) concerns recent discussions and reports concerning the role of Kristalina Georgieva in relation to the World Bank publication “Doing Business”. In the letter Lord Stern outlines why he has full confidence in Kristalina and in her continued leadership over the coming crucial years. Read more

CCUS is necessary for the UK to reach its net-zero goals. This report assesses economic and potential employment opportunities and implications for the skills needed, as well as transferable strengths and capabilities from other sectors and barriers and enablers for CCUS growth in the UK. Read more

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