William was a policy analyst working on Grantham Research Institute’s Investing in a Just Transition project with Nick Robins and the Initiative for Responsible Investment. He was responsible for research output in relation to the project’s work globally and on the UK.


William has a professional background as a market analyst, ESG researcher and journalist at independent consulting and research firms and in a previous role at the Grantham Research Institute.

Prior to joining the policy analysis team, he was a researcher on the Transition Pathway Initiative, an investor-backed initiative at the Grantham Research Institute that provides investors with data on the carbon performance and climate governance of the world’s largest listed companies. Previously, he worked as an expert on global fertiliser and environmental control technology markets, responsible for market analysis, forecasting and strategic consulting for corporates, financiers and governments.

William holds an MA in Philosophy from University of Bristol, and an MSc in Environment and Development, with distinction, from LSE. He started his career as a journalist at Prospect magazine, Time Inc. and editing the University of Bristol newspaper.


Research - 2018


Policy - 2020

Banks need to show how they are aligning their balance sheets with the UK’s net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target, how they are enabling households and companies to become climate-resilient, and how the transition can be steered so that it is fair and inclusive. This report presents research findings and recommendations for how to achieve these aims. Read more

Policy - 2019

This report sets out the role that investors can play in delivering a just transition in the UK as the country works towards net-zero emissions, illustrating the implications through a set of place-based examples from Yorkshire and the Humber and setting out recommendations for investor action. Read more

In the first report from the Investing in a Just Transition UK project, the authors explore the extent of the challenge to ensure that action on climate change supports an inclusive economy in the UK, efforts that are already underway, and what actions investors can take. It includes a regional case study of Yorkshire and the Humber. Read more


News - 2019

News - 2018

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