Esin is a Policy Analyst working on UK energy and climate policy with a particular focus on sustainable growth, economic opportunities of net zero and decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.


Prior to joining the Grantham Research Institute, Esin spent over two years at the Energy Institute as an Energy Analyst to produce timely insights for a range of audiences across the energy system in the UK and around the world. Esin holds a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures, with distinction, from Imperial College London where she carried out extensive research on policies for promoting bioenergy in UK agriculture, and a BSc in Management Science from University College London.

Research interests

  • Sustainable growth
  • Decarbonisation pathways for the UK energy system
  • Role of societal and behavioural change in a transition to net zero


Policy - 2021

CCUS is necessary for the UK to reach its net-zero goals. This report assesses economic and potential employment opportunities and implications for the skills needed, as well as transferable strengths and capabilities from other sectors and barriers and enablers for CCUS growth in the UK. Read more

The UK's net-zero commitment assumes the use of greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies, but there is little understanding of how they might be funded and who will bear the cost. This study prepared for the National Infrastructure Commission analyses how the distribution of costs for funding these technologies impacts society across income deciles. Read more


News - 2021

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