Sophie was a Policy Analyst focused on climate change adaptation and resilience, and strategies for delivering a just transition to a low carbon economy.


She has a range of experience in the UK Parliament, having worked for the Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs, the Shadow Minister for Scotland and with the Shadow Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Prior to Parliament, she held positions across advocacy, policy and research at Save the Children. As Research Manager in Humanitarian Affairs, she coordinated and authored research – including on urban responses to forced displacement and on the effectiveness of the humanitarian system. In this role, she also contributed to policy and strategy development processes, including those informing the UN World Humanitarian Summit agenda.

Sophie holds an MSc in Development Planning from University College London.

Research interests: 

  • Sustainable development 
  • The intersection of climate change and humanitarian response
  • Social and political factors of delivering a just transition


Research - 2023


Policy - 2021

The Grantham Research Institute submitted this response in July 2020 to a consultation launched by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) in May 2020 to gather views on its intention to refresh its core aim as stated in its Maximising Economic Recovery Strategy for the UK [MER UK Strategy], which came into force in March 2016. Read more


Books - 2023


News - 2020

The UK Climate Assembly’s recent report has revealed appetite among the public for an increase in the pace and scale of action to reach net-zero. Beyond the wide range of recommendations put forward by the Assembly, much can be learnt too from the process itself, argues Sophie Dicker. Read more

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