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Bob Ward

Policy and Communications Director

Bob joined the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in November 2008, shortly after its launch.

He also holds the following positions:


Bob joined the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) from Risk Management Solutions, where he was Director of Public Policy.

He also worked at the Royal Society, the UK national academy of science, for eight years, until October 2006. His responsibilities there included leading the media relations team.

He has also worked as a freelance science writer and journalist.

Bob has a first degree in geology and an unfinished PhD thesis on palaeopiezometry.

He is a Fellow of the Geological Society.


Working paper  1 September, 2010

Comment: 'Knock knock: where is the evidence for dangerous human-caused global warming?' by Robert M. Carter

Carter (2008) notes that for climate change “sound science [sic] understanding is an essential prerequisite to any meaningful economic analysis”. Unfortunately, his paper contains serious and … read more »

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Policy report  14 November, 2013

Flood insurance and the Water Bill

Through the Water Bill, the Government is seeking powers to establish a new scheme for the provision of flood insurance. The proposed scheme, Flood Re, offers … read more »

Copyright University Corporation for Atmospheric Research licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License
Policy report  1 October, 2013

Recent and future changes in the global and UK climate

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the most comprehensive assessment of the physical science basis of climate change that has ever been written. … read more »

Climate Change Act
Policy report  1 September, 2013

The Climate Change Act

The Climate Change Act received Royal Assent on 26 November 2008 and set an overarching target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by … read more »

Policy paper  1 August, 2013

Response to public consultation on ‘Securing the future availability and affordability of home insurance in areas of flood risk’

of key points Flooding is the biggest natural disaster risk in England. Flood risk is expected to increase due to climate change and continued development of floodplains for residential … read more »

Policy paper  1 April, 2013

Climate change in the National Curriculum in England: Submission to a consultation by the Department for Education

 This paper responds to a Department of Education consultation on proposed reforms to the National Curriculum in England and Wales, specifically in the context of climate change teaching … read more »

Policy paper  18 March, 2013

Unburnable Carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets

Our first report, in 2011, showed that based on current understanding of an allowable carbon budget to keep below two degrees of global warming, there is more fossil fuel listed … read more »

Policy report  1 March, 2013

A UK 'dash' for smart gas

Shifting from coal to natural gas for electricity generation can help the UK power sector to decarbonise in the near term. With good planning and investment, natural gas can support the development of a low-carbon power sector by providing essential backup for intermittent renewables, but could only play a bigger role longer-term if fitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. However, a new UK ‘dash’ for gas on the assumption of low prices is a risky economic and environmental option. A lower risk option is a ‘dash’ for smart gas; using natural gas in those areas where it offers the greatest value in decarbonising the power sector. read more »


Policy report  1 August, 2010

Mitigating climate change through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions: is it possible to limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C?

The Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are contemplating a range of goals for limiting the rise in global average temperature that is … read more »

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In the news  21 November, 2014

The US-China Climate Deal

Television interview. read more »

In the news  20 November, 2014

Why Britain's Tories are Earth's best friends

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott have taken different approaches to climate change read more »

In the news  17 November, 2014

Scotland is facing its heaviest rainfall in a century

Scotland is on course to have the wettest year since records began 104 years ago, with four deluges expected this week alone. read more »

In the news  16 November, 2014

2014 on track to be one of the wettest years on record

Unusually rainy November and December could make 2014 the wettest year since records began read more »

In the news  6 November, 2014

Lord Lawson's parallel world where global warming is not a concern

The former Chancellor is trying to turn science on its head to woo climate change "sceptics" from the Conservatives and Ukip. read more »

In the news  5 November, 2014

This year set to be hottest on record

Herald Scotland, 5 November

In the news  5 November, 2014

Drought and flood fears after warm 2014

Belfast Telegraph, 5 November

In the news  4 November, 2014

Britain had one of warmest and wettest years on record

Met Office figures show that from January, 2014 was hottest since records began and saw second largest amount of rain read more »

In the news  4 November, 2014

Extreme weather 'will cost lives and billions of pounds of damage'

The Independent, 5 November

In the news  2 November, 2014

Clock Ticking To Stop Climate Change, Warns UN

Carbon emissions must be cut completely by 2100 if the rate of global warming is to be slowed, a new report warns. read more »

In the news  1 November, 2014

UN climate change report to warn of 'severe, pervasive' effects of global warming

Flooding, dangerous heatwaves, ill health and violent conflicts among likely risks if the world keeps burning fossil fuels at current rates, IPCC expected to say read more »

In the news  1 November, 2014

Letter to The Times

The Times, 1 Novmeber

In the news  29 October, 2014

Irreversible climate change would result from continued inaction

A pending U.N. report notes that a lack of fast action to combat global warming will lead to severe impacts read more »

In the news  20 October, 2014

IPCC lines up for a sixth climate audit as economic costs corrected

Sydney Morning Herald, 20 October

In the news  19 October, 2014

Environment Secretary Liz Truss under fire over plan to scrap solar farm subsidies

Government plan hopes to ensure that more agricultural land is dedicated to crops and food read more »

In the news  18 October, 2014

Folgen der Erwärmung: Uno tilgt Hoffnung aus Klimareport

"Moderater Klimawandel kann förderlich für die Wirtschaft sein" - so stand es bislang im Uno-Klimabericht. Jetzt hat der Klimarat den Satz gestrichen. Seinen eigenen Prognosen traut er allerdings wenig. read more »

In the news  17 October, 2014

IPCC corrects claim suggesting climate change would be good for the economy

Controversial statement, that was based on faulty data taken from a report by economist Richard Tol, has been removed from the final version of the report read more »

In the news  15 October, 2014

Owen Paterson’s controversial speech to climate change sceptics looks to be riddled with inaccuracies

Owen Paterson, until recently the environment secretary, will be speaking to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think tank known for its climate change scepticism. Bob Ward looks at what he will say. read more »

In the news  13 October, 2014

The Tory right is becoming desperate on climate change and energy

The former environment secretary will tell climate change sceptics this week that his party should adopt Ukip policies. read more »

In the news  4 October, 2014

Record UK temperatures ‘evidence of global warming’

Britain had its warmest weather between January and September this year since records began, according to new Met Office figures. read more »

In the news  3 October, 2014

Climate change blamed as records show 2014 is warmest year since records began

2014 has managed to break records - according to the Met Office, the period from January to September this year was the warmest such period for the UK since records began in 1910. read more »

In the news  30 September, 2014

Lord Lawson's charity 'blurring fact and comment on climate change'

Global Warming Policy Foundation promoting political agenda rather than educational views, says Charity Commission read more »

In the news  30 September, 2014

Lord Lawson and his climate change sceptics broke charity bias rules

Ex-Chancellor’s Global Warming Policy Foundation guilty of blurring fact and comment read more »

In the news  26 September, 2014

Climate change could be slower than forecast

The Times, 26th September, 2014: Carbon dioxide emissions have less impact on the global average temperature than has been claimed by the UN’s climate change advisory body, according to a … read more »

In the news  26 September, 2014

Facts and Fictions About New Climate Change Report

Huffington Post, 25th September, 2014: The New Climate Economy Report has been endorsed by a wide range of politicians, businesspeople and commentators since it was published on 16 September, but … read more »

In the news  23 September, 2014

The New Economy Report: Why the criticism doesn't stack up

Bob Ward of the Grantham Institute argues Prof Richard Tol's denunciation of last week's landmark report is flawed read more »

In the news  22 September, 2014

Combating climate change can be economically beneficial

A major international report published last week could be a game changer in the fierce political debate about climate change in the United States. read more »

In the news  20 September, 2014

The UN climate change summit is a vital chance for the world to avoid catastrophe

Leaders must act together to reverse carbon emissions – or betray their children and future generations read more »

In the news  10 September, 2014

Miliband is under pressure to back the government's climate change plan

Bob Ward - Labour is facing a test of Ed Miliband's commitment to climate change ahead of its party conference later this month. read more »

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In the news  4 September, 2014

Warmest and wettest eight months for a century… and it's not over yet

THE UK has had the warmest and wettest first eight months of a year since records began a century ago, the Met Office confirmed yesterday. read more »

In the news  2 September, 2014

Two secret funders of Nigel Lawson’s climate sceptic organisation revealed

Neil Record and Nigel Vinson confirm their donations, and are both linked to thinktank that took funds from oil companies read more »

In the news  27 August, 2014

Global warming impacts 'severe, widespread, and irreversible', UN warns

Urgent action needed to tackle man-made climate change, leaked report warns read more »

In the news  22 August, 2014

January to July weather was warmest since records began, Met Office confirms

Climate change experts have called for greater action to reduce greenhouse gases after the Met Office confirmed Britain had seen the warmest first half of the year since records began read more »

In the news  22 August, 2014

UK's warmest period record sparks call for greater climate action

Policy expert says figures showing January-July was the warmest since records began should increase urgency of efforts read more »

In the news  22 August, 2014

2014 is warmest year since records began - and third wettest

The UK has had the warmest weather since records began this year and the third highest amount of rain, according to figures from the Met Office. read more »

In the news  22 August, 2014

Global warming is here, except on the bank holiday

Britain has enjoyed the warmest period from January to July on record, the Met Office announced read more »

In the news  20 August, 2014

When climate change denial is promoted in mainstream news

Including articles and comments from figures such as Matthew Ridley and Nigel Lawson without balance misleads the British public. read more »

In the news  7 August, 2014

White House report understates impact of climate change

Bob Ward argues that the recent White House report on potential economic impacts of delaying action on climate change underestimated these impacts. read more »

In the news  30 July, 2014

MPs who reject science are undermining the public interest

On climate change and other issues, parliamentarians are ignoring the evidence. read more »

In the news  25 July, 2014

Green hypocrisy at Northcliffe House

Bob Ward on how staff at the Daily Mail recently marked Green Week. read more »

In the news  23 July, 2014

Climate adaptation must be backed by communication

Bob Ward calls on newly appointed Environment Secretary Liz Truss to deliver a more coherent approach to climate adaptation read more »

In the news  22 July, 2014

George Osborne defeated in attempt to weaken UK carbon budget

The Guardian, 22 July 2014

In the news  22 July, 2014

‘Scary’ climate shifts not far off

Letter to the editor - London Evening Standard read more »

In the news  18 July, 2014

Owen Paterson to give lecture to Nigel Lawson's climate-sceptic thinktank

Just days after leaving office, former UK environment secretary agrees to deliver speech at Global Warming Policy Foundation read more »

In the news  16 July, 2014

Lawson's climate-sceptic group hit by charity status row

Climate-sceptic charity the Global Warming Policy Foundation is to relaunch in September, after a complaint about its charitable status. read more »

In the news  16 July, 2014

Watchdog must be tougher on climate sceptic 'charity'

Decisive action is needed to curb Nigel Lawson's Global Warming Policy Foundation, which lobbies against climate change mitigation, says policy expert Bob Ward read more »

In the news  15 July, 2014

Will UK reshuffle boost science and environment?

Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment reflects on the potential impact of the new intake of ministers on future policy. read more »

In the news  4 July, 2014

The trouble with climate change denial

Over the past few months, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has been strongly pushing a campaign pamphlet on 'The trouble with climate change', written by Lord Lawson of Blaby. It provides a fascinating demonstration of the trouble with climate change denial. read more »

In the news  3 July, 2014

How climate change may affect your bottom line

MPR News (audio broadcast)

In the news  30 June, 2014

UK Government Utterly Fails to Communicate About Climate Change

Huffingdon Post

In the news  26 June, 2014

Busting the myths around emission reduction costs

Bob Ward argues misleading comparisons and assumptions are being used to inflate the economic costs of climate change policies read more »

In the news  26 June, 2014

Common sense prevails as BBC upholds Today programme climate complaint

BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit concludes interview with Lord Lawson and Professor Sir Brian Hoskins on climate change and floods broke guidelines on due accuracy read more »

Commentary  2 June, 2014

New insurance scheme boosts Africa's battle against climate change

Africa’s struggle to cope with the impacts of climate change has received a major boost this month with the very first policies to insure governments against food insecurity caused by … read more »

In the news  2 June, 2014

It's time to challenge Ukip over its climate change denial

The party should face a far more rigorous examination of its unscientific beliefs.

Commentary  8 May, 2014

Errors in estimates of the aggregate economic impacts of climate change – Part III

In previous commentaries on 2 April and 15 April, I described my ongoing efforts to have some small but significant errors corrected in three papers by Professor Richard Tol and … read more »

Commentary  23 April, 2014

Bjorn Lomborg's Upside-Down Economics of Climate Change

A new article by Bjorn Lomborg, which has been made available to newspapers around the world by Project Syndicate, provides a daft upside-down assessment of the economics of climate change. … read more »

Commentary  23 April, 2014

A wakeup call on the impacts of climate change

Financial Times – subscription required.

Commentary  15 April, 2014

Errors in estimates of the aggregate economic impacts of climate change – Part II

In a previous commentary, I outlined my interactions with Professor Richard Tol about some errors in his work. I provide here further details of those errors and my interactions with Professor Tol, … read more »

Commentary  2 April, 2014

Errors in estimates of the aggregate economic impacts of climate change

With the publication this week of the contribution of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to the Fifth Assessment Report, I can reveal details of my … read more »

Commentary  22 March, 2014

Letters: Climate change: it’s worse than we thought

Contrary to your headline “Climate change: the official prophecy of doom” (18 March), it would appear that the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is a masterclass in understatement. … read more »

Commentary  13 March, 2014

Dismissal of claims is unsurprising

Financial Times – registration required.

Commentary  24 February, 2014

BBC impartiality between scientific facts and 'sceptic' fictions

Big flaws in the BBC’s news coverage of climate change have been exposed over the past few weeks, with clear indications that some of its most important programmes are still … read more »

Commentary  14 February, 2014

UK floods making climate sceptics hot under the collar

Bid by Lord Lawson to question the link between global warming and extreme weather is undermined by irrefutable evidence. The Guardian

Commentary  13 February, 2014

The costs of the UK storms and floods in context

It is still too early to full assess the economic impacts of the storms and floods that have been gripping the UK over the past couple of months, particularly as … read more »

Commentary  2 February, 2014

Arctic sea ice has not been recovering

Financial Times – registration required.

Commentary  30 January, 2014

Blog on Select Committee Hearing

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog for the ‘Environment’ web pages of ‘The Guardian’ expressing my concern about an upcoming oral evidence session by the House of Commons Select … read more »

Commentary  27 January, 2014

IPCC hearing brings UK closer to US polarisation on climate change

Leading sceptics getting big slots to reject global warming indicates a growing climate denial bias at Westminster. The Guardian

Commentary  10 January, 2014

Owen Paterson has failed to factor climate change into flood insurance

Homeowners’ deal doesn’t take into account the increasing risk from rising sea and shifts in rainfall due to climate change. The Guardian


Commentary  19 November, 2013

Global warming

Warm sea temperatures can cause typhoons to strengthen, and the North Pacific has been heating up, like the rest of the Earth’s surface The Times – registration is required.

Commentary  9 November, 2013

High fuel bills and global warming

Whether the public believe that human activities are causing global warming has much to do with how it is reported in the media The Times – subscription is required.

Commentary  6 November, 2013

Making the case for CCL+

Bob Ward explores the recent report on carbon pricing and argues that a consolidation of carbon pricing policies is long overdue Business Green – subscription is required.

Commentary  22 October, 2013

A better planet?

Although strides have been made in tackling some world problems, there are many more that still pose a serious risk and are being left unchecked The Times

Commentary  18 October, 2013

Lord Ridley's flawed article in 'The Spectator'

This week’s issue of ‘The Spectator’ features an article by Lord Ridley, the Conservative hereditary peer, which addresses an important question: what are the overall impacts of climate change so … read more »

Commentary  1 October, 2013

UK energy policy

Private investors need to be persuaded to spend billions of pounds to create a cleaner and more efficient power sector for the UK. The Times – subscription is required.

Commentary  18 September, 2013

Humiliating mistakes by 'The Mail on Sunday'

‘The Mail on Sunday’ is facing humiliation after two articles published earlier this month which attacked the evidence for climate change were revealed this week to contain embarrassing errors. The … read more »

Commentary  16 September, 2013

Backbench assault on climate laws reflects UK policy uncertainty

Bob Ward argues a recent Conservative attack on the Climate Change Act will make worrying reading for green businesses Business Green – registration is required.

Commentary  24 August, 2013

David Cameron must heed the experts, not the sceptics, on climate change

One of the most important scientific documents ever published makes clear the scale of the risks posed by greenhouse gases. The prime minister will face a daunting dilemma next month … read more »

Commentary  23 August, 2013

Fracking — will it cut our fuel bills?

There are too many uncertainties to be putting all our faith into fracking — more incentives need to be available for cutting fuel use The Times – subscription is required

Commentary  8 August, 2013

FT does readers a disservice with flawed climate analysis

Bob Ward argues recent flawed arguments attacking green policy undermine paper’s often excellent environmental coverage. Business Green

Commentary  24 July, 2013

By giving a platform to climate change sceptics, the BBC is misleading the publicBob Ward, New Statesman,

The corporation is sacrificing accuracy by being impartial between facts and fictions. The New Statesman

Commentary  24 July, 2013

Climate change will hurt the poorest the most

‘More than 100 countries, including those responsible for over 80 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, have pledged measures to tackle climate change’ The Times – registration is … read more »

Commentary  12 July, 2013

The Corruption of the Public Debate on Climate Change

This week’s issue of The Spectator opens up a new front in the magazine’s war against climate science, but unwittingly reveals a campaign by ‘sceptics’ that is likely to be … read more »

Announcement  4 July, 2013

Jeremy Grantham wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute, received a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Jeremy Grantham at the annual Business Green Awards on 3 July … read more »

Commentary  13 June, 2013

Climate change study is grim reading, Bangkok Post,

Governments around the world have just received one of the most important scientific reports ever written. It provides the starkest assessment yet of how the earth’s climate is responding to … read more »

Commentary  25 May, 2013

Europe's economic crisis has nothing to do with green policy, The Vancouver Sun,

Re: To heat or eat? That’s the EU’s question, Column, May 17 As a dual British-Canadian citizen living in London, I was amazed to read Licia Corbella’s enthusiastic promotion of … read more »

Commentary  22 May, 2013

Climate change

‘There is already strong and mounting evidence of changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events around the world’ The Times – subscription is required.

Commentary  10 May, 2013

Spectator reveals worrying insight into direction of Tory policy on climate

Peter Lilley hypes up shale gas with poor analysis, woolly thinking and an apparent hatred for environmentalists This week’s issue of the Spectator provides a worrying insight into the possible … read more »

Commentary  4 March, 2013

Ukip's energy and climate policies under the spotlight

The party’s official energy policy is an incoherent mixture of anti-environmentalism and a disregard for scientific evidence The Guardian

Announcement  28 February, 2013

Bob Ward to join LSE climate week panel event

As part of Climate Week (4-10 March 2013), Institute Policy and Communications Director, Bob Ward, will be participating in an event, entitled ‘University Climate Change: are universities equipping us for … read more »

Commentary  27 February, 2013

How Fleet Street is still misleading the public over climate change, New Statesman,

The right-wing press is attempting to fool the public into believing that its opposition to green policies is based on robust evidence, rather than dogmatic ideology. The New Statesman

Commentary  22 February, 2013

Correspondence between Bob Ward and Peter Lilley

Correspondence about ‘The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review’ between Bob Ward, Policy and Communications Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, and Rt … read more »

Commentary  23 January, 2013

Boris Johnson's climate change "scepticism" is an embarrassment to London's scientists, New Statesman,

The Mayor’s suggestion that we are heading for a “mini Ice Age”shows that he does not understand the basic science behind global warming. The New Statesman

Commentary  14 January, 2013

Shambolic media coverage of the Met Office's new short-term forecast

One of the more remarkable aspects of the UK media’s shambolic reporting last week of the Met Office’s latest short-term global temperature forecasts is the way in which many journalists … read more »

Commentary  8 January, 2013

Meteorology needs bold leadership to build public trust in climate research

The Royal Meteorological Society must step forward to demonstrate the leadership that the profession so badly needs The Guardian

Commentary  8 January, 2013

What a heatwave in Australia tells us about climate change and the extreme

Don’t be surprised by the unprecedented weather we’re seeing across the globe. Climate scientists have been warning us about the effects of a warming world for years The Independent


Commentary  14 December, 2012

Desperate shenanigans as climate change 'sceptics' try to misrepresent IPCC report

It is perhaps no surprise that a climate change ‘sceptic’ has overnight leaked a draft copy of the volume prepared by working group I for the Fifth Assessment Report of … read more »

Commentary  6 December, 2012

A Long Day for the UK at the United Nations Climate Change Summit

This was an example of British leadership in the international arena and demonstrated the enormous amount of ‘soft power’ that the UK can exert by helping poorer nations, many of … read more »

Commentary  30 November, 2012

Why is the Government's financial support for fossil fuel companies being overlooked?

The new Energy Bill, which was introduced into Parliament on 29 November, has provoked some criticism for laying out plans to subsidise renewable power up to 2020, but has elicited … read more »

Commentary  6 November, 2012

Re: US energy policy is thriving despite a quiet campaign yesterday

Green shoots I took it as a sure sign that we were in the grip of a severe bear market when your regular Monday feature “Bill of the Week” was … read more »

Commentary  18 October, 2012

Recycling the myth that global warming 'stopped in the mid-1990s'

David Rose loves to tell readers of the ‘The Mail on Sunday’ that global warming ‘stopped’ in the mid-1990s. On 5 December 2010, the newspaper published a long article by … read more »

Commentary  8 October, 2012

Rapid Responses

[Re: We just need the political will to reduce destructive energy prices, Friday] Matthew Sinclair’s long rant against climate change policies showed a remarkable ignorance of the economics of energy…. … read more »

Commentary  3 October, 2012

UK government cuts to science funding threaten the British Antarctic Survey

Major cuts in the amount of funding that the Coalition Government is investing in the UK’s world class science base are beginning to cause real damage, with the threatened end … read more »

Commentary  25 September, 2012

A case of bad economics and fundamentally flawed science

The Global Warming Policy Foundation was launched by Lord Lawson of Blaby in November 2009 to lobby against efforts to tackle climate change. Over the past three years, it has … read more »

Commentary  10 September, 2012

The Australian Echo Chamber of Climate Change Denial

The Australian newspaper proved last week that the echo chamber of climate change denial is not restricted to the United States and United Kingdom. The Huffington Post UK

Is the United States leading by example on climate change?
Commentary  13 August, 2012

Is the United States leading by example on climate change?

There has been much confusion ahead of the next round of international negotiations on climate change, which start at the end of this month, over whether the United States has shifted … read more »

Commentary  1 August, 2012

Why is Boris Johnson promoting climate change "sceptics"?

On Thursday, Boris Johnson will host the second of the Mayor of London 2012 Debates, which he claims are “London’s intellectual contribution to the [Olympic] Games”, and “will help define … read more »

Commentary  6 July, 2012

The BBC is sacrificing objectivity for impartiality on climate change

It is now more than a year since the BBC Trust published a seminal report on the impartiality of the broadcaster’s coverage of science, but there is clear evidence that … read more »

Commentary  6 July, 2012

Climate confusion

‘A responsible and effective approach to managing the risks of climate change requires action in advance’ Sir, Matt Ridley’s rather silly attack on the Met Office (“The forecast said warm. … read more »

Commentary  2 July, 2012

Leaders not plugged in to climate change reality (registration required)

From Mr Bob Ward. Sir, Your excellent editorial “Learning to live in a changing climate” (July 2) was quite right to question the suggestion by Rex Tillerson, chief executive of … read more »

Commentary  1 May, 2012

Shale gas: how does the hype stack up against robust analysis of the evidence?

A strident campaign has been mounted over the past couple of years to promote shale gas as a ‘game-changing’ new source of energy that can be extracted readily and in … read more »

Commentary  10 April, 2012

More Evidence That the World's Biggest Newspaper Website is Misleading its Readers About Climate Change

More Evidence That the World’s Biggest Newspaper Website is Misleading its Readers About Climate Change – The Huffington Post The Huffington Post UK

Commentary  2 April, 2012

Another researcher falls victim to the echo chamber of climate change denial

An assistant professor of geochemistry at Syracuse University is the latest victim of the echo chamber of climate change denial which is used to mislead the public about the results … read more »

Commentary  16 March, 2012

How the UK's feeble system of media regulation fails the public interest on climate change

The Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the Press has mainly been focusing mainly on issues arising from the alleged hacking of phones by journalists at some national newspapers. But the Inquiry would perform a great service for the public interest if it also investigates the way that some parts of the media are choosing to cover the issue of climate change. read more »

Commentary  5 March, 2012

News Corporation, the Murdochs and climate change

The Wall Street Journal last month published the latest in a series of inaccurate and misleading articles about climate change in the form of a lengthy editorial by 16 ‘sceptics’, … read more »

Commentary  16 February, 2012

Leaked files expose Heartland Institute's secrets

he tables have been well and truly turned in “deniergate”, the leak of documents from a key climate-sceptic think tank in the US New Scientist

Commentary  3 February, 2012

Anthropogenic global warming 'stopped' in 1997…and in 1996, 1995, 1982, 1981, 1980, 1979, 1978 and 1972

Self-proclaimed climate change 'sceptics' have for the past few years been recycling the myth that anthropogenic global warming has 'stopped'. But these 'sceptics' always fail to point out is that, based on their logic, manmade global warming has actually 'stopped' nine times since 1970, in 1972, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1995, 1996 and 1997. And they fail to mention that the underlying anthropogenic warming trend is clear and unambiguous when temperature data for the past four decades are taken into account. read more »


Commentary  29 December, 2011

Why academic researchers should scrutinise the lobbying of climate change 'sceptics'

A recent exchange of letters has revealed the tactics which so-called climate change ‘sceptics’ from the Global Warming Policy Foundation are using to lobby the UK Government in a bid … read more »

Commentary  8 December, 2011

Is Accuracy Being Frozen Out of the BBC's Climate Change Coverage?

The final episode of Frozen Planet featured narrator Sir David Attenborough as he explained the ways in which shrinking ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic are radically changing life … read more »

Commentary  3 December, 2011

Scientists frustrated in climate change debate

Financial Times – registration is required.

Commentary  2 December, 2011

Why the house journal of the sceptics is full of hot air

The propaganda machine of self-proclaimed climate change “sceptics” has been in overdrive in the run-up to the United Nations summit in Durban, and the new edition of The Spectator is … read more »

Commentary  23 October, 2011

Hot air

The element of choice makes the lottery okay; turning up the heat in the climate debate; and restore British nursing to health. The Sunday Times – registration is required.

Commentary  4 August, 2011

An echo chamber of climate change denial

There was a startling demonstration last week of how quickly messages of climate change denial can spread from the United States to the United Kingdom. Huffington Post

Commentary  3 August, 2011

Climate pragmatism or climate illusion?

With the Republican Party and a good many Democrats currently opposed to sanctioning any meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, United States climate policy, at least at federal level, appears … read more »

Commentary  19 July, 2011

BBC coverage of climate change should be accurate as well as impartial

The BBC Trust will tomorrow (20 July) publish its long-awaited report on impartiality in the Corporation’s coverage of science. Self-proclaimed climate change ‘sceptics’ will no doubt react furiously if the … read more »

Commentary  15 July, 2011

A media relations mistake and inaccurate reporting about climate change

Climate scientists often berate journalists for producing misleading articles about their work, but sometimes the research community should share the blame for inaccurate coverage. For instance, take the media reports … read more »

Commentary  8 July, 2011

Shhh! The story that 'sceptics' don't want you to read

It is the story that self-proclaimed climate change ‘sceptics’ have been hoping to keep quiet. A journal paper that purported to prove that some climate scientists had abused the peer … read more »

Commentary  7 July, 2011

The IPCC's review process

SIR – Your article, “Advancing coloured people?” (June 25th), ignored the fact that, for months, the NAACP tried to avoid legal action before filing its lawsuit against the New York … read more »

Announcement  4 July, 2011

Bob Ward to be a panellist at 'Science Question Time'

The event will discuss 'Impact' on Tuesday 5 July 2011 at Imperial College London. Science Question Time is an exciting new venture between the Biochemical Society, the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) and staff at Imperial College London. read more »

Commentary  27 June, 2011

"Michael Gove wants the national curriculum to include the laws of thermodynamics but not "contemporary" subjects such as climate change"

Michael Gove’s attack on the secondary school examination system is ill-timed and his sometimes valid criticisms of science teaching are flawed The Times – subscription is required.

Commentary  27 June, 2011

Putting the examination system to the test

Michael Gove’s attack on the secondary school examination system is ill-timed and his sometimes valid criticisms of science teaching are flawed The Times

Commentary  17 May, 2011

America's climate choice: Put up or shut up

A leading article in the 16 May edition of the Washington Post issues a blunt challenge to candidates lining up for the presidential elections in 2012: on climate change, it … read more »

Commentary  11 May, 2011

British election results show climate change denial is not a vote winner

Last week’s election results in England, Scotland and Wales demonstrated that climate change denial is still not a vote winner, and remains an issue that lies at the extreme fringes … read more »

Commentary  6 May, 2011

Why science is a vote winner

Fewer than one in six people think that government funding for science should be cut in favour of other areas of expenditure, according to a survey published earlier this week, … read more »

Commentary  3 May, 2011

The most error-ridden web page about climate change? A look at the evidence

The Global Warming Policy Foundation has published a page on its website, dated 2 February 2011, and written by Dr David Whitehouse under the heading ‘The Temperature of 2010′. The … read more »

Commentary  11 April, 2011

Lord Lawson's appeal to unreason

Britain’s most prominent climate change sceptic, Lord Lawson of Blaby, has been encouraging audiences over the past few weeks to adopt a recklessly complacent approach to the risks posed by … read more »

Commentary  10 April, 2011

Lord Lawson's incredible complacency on climate change

Former chancellor claims the worst possible impacts of unchecked global warming ‘would not be disastrous’. The Sunday Times – subscription is required

Commentary  29 March, 2011

Cold comfort for 'sceptics' in Antarctic research

The front cover of the 19 February 2011 edition of The Spectator magazine trumpeted an article with two headlines ‘The truth about the Antarctic: What global warming activists don’t want you to … read more »

Commentary  29 March, 2011

Inflation erodes UK science budget

Last week’s budget presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer did not mention the science budget allocations, but among the figures published by the government was an admission that research … read more »

Commentary  18 March, 2011

Climategate controversy continues

The “Climategate” saga still rumbles on. The British House of Commons science and technology committee in January published the final conclusions of its inquiry into the controversy surrounding emails hacked … read more »

Commentary  3 March, 2011

Why the BBC's 'impartial' stance on climate science is irresponsible

Sceptics too often go unchallenged when they make inaccurate and misleading statements on BBC programmes. The Guardian

Commentary  21 February, 2011

Sceptical confusion about the carbon cycle

Self-proclaimed climate change 'sceptics' are resorting to desperate measures in their efforts to confuse the public about the causes and consequences of global warming. read more »

Commentary  14 February, 2011

Has the impact of 'Climategate' worn off?

A new survey showing how public opinion in Norway has been affected by controversies surrounding climate science may also have important implications for the UK. New Scientist, The S Word

Commentary  5 February, 2011

More investment needed in UK's research base

Sir, The closure of Pfizer’s research centre in Kent (Reports, February 2) will deal yet another blow to the UK’s international competitiveness. Financial Times – registration required.

Commentary  13 January, 2011

Why have UK media ignored climate change announcements?

Yesterday’s announcement that 2010 tied for the warmest year ever recorded on Earth was ignored by nearly all UK media outlets. How can this be? the Guardian

Commentary  2 January, 2011

Warming world

The Charity Commission indulges “charities” which openly admit their financial support of groups linked to terrorist organisations. The Telegraph


Commentary  20 December, 2010

UK science allocation: more gloom

You might be forgiven for thinking that today’s announcement of how the science budget will be divided up is good news. The chair of Research Councils UK, Alan Thorpe, says: … read more »

Commentary  28 October, 2010

UK research spend: cuts could reach 17 per cent

The gushing responses from the some members of the British science community over the past week may have led you to believe that the government’s comprehensive spending review has done … read more »

Commentary  7 October, 2010

Not so jolly hockey stick

It was somewhat startling to see in August’s Geoscientist a glowing review of The Hockey Stick Illusion – Global warming and the Corruption of Science. Geoscientist Online (leader)

Commentary  2 October, 2010

Sceptics' publishing record on climate change

Bob Ward says those who seek to reinterpret the science of climate change often have minimal publication records. Publication involves peer review. The Science Show

Commentary  29 September, 2010

Transparency is needed in climate change research

Financial Times – registration is required.

Commentary  2 September, 2010

Joint Critique of Bjørn Lomborg's Pronouncements on Climate Change

The Guardian, 2 September  2010

Commentary  2 September, 2010

Still wary of Bjørn Lomborg's pronouncements on climate change

Bjørn Lomborg’s change of mind on climate change is welcome, and some of his suggestions good, but your glowing review of his new book failed to examine deeply his shift … read more »

Commentary  1 June, 2010

Royal Society and climate change

The Times – subscription required.

Commentary  29 May, 2010

How climate scientists can repair their reputation

THE controversies swirling around the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in the UK have damaged the reputations not just of … read more »

Commentary  17 May, 2010

We need to protect blue-sky research

One of the biggest challenges facing David Willetts, the new minister for universities and science, is to ensure that the UK remains a global leader in scientific research over a … read more »

Commentary  5 March, 2010

Climate sceptics guilty of double standards in condemnation over data

Global warming thinktank has made exactly the kind minor factual error that would have been seized on by sceptics. The Guardian

Commentary  29 January, 2010

Climate change data must be presented clearly

The Times


Commentary  11 December, 2009

Copenhagen summit: We should not just keep calm and carry on, argues Bob Ward from LSE

As new data shows world temperatures are rising, Bob Ward from the Grantham Research Institute says we should stop being complacent because our world is about to change dramatically. Mail … read more »

Commentary  8 December, 2009

Ian Plimer's uncritical coverage in the hacked emails row is frustrating

Bob Ward: The ‘expert sceptic’ is a mining geologist whose academic credibility is based on a book riddled with dodgy graphs the Guardian

Commentary  2 December, 2009

Climate change denial is the new article of faith for the far right

Bob Ward: Despite a complete lack of evidence, the leaked emails hysteria has encouraged more deniers to emerge from the shadows the Guardian

Commentary  10 September, 2009

People power is crucial to making Copenhagen a success

Bob Ward: A huge show of popular support should empower our political leaders to reach a wise and visionary agreement in Copenhagen the Guardian

Commentary  1 July, 2009

Why ExxonMobil must be taken to task over climate denial funding

ExxonMobil should keep its promise by ending its financial support for lobby groups that mislead the public about climate change, writes Bob Ward. The Guardian

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Policy Seminars 1 Oct 2009

Climate Change: are we heading for a new Cold War?

Chair: Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute Speaker: Professor Graciela Chichilnisky, director of Columbia Consortium for Risk Management and professor of Economics and Statistics at … read more »

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