Headline Issue

Since 2010 the UK has made good progress towards creating a climate-resilient and low-carbon economy. But challenges remain in ensuring that the full risks and costs of high-carbon activities are confronted and addressed. Current policies for greenhouse gas emissions focus on emissions reductions up to 2020. The next Government will be required to design and implement policies that keep the UK on a least-cost emissions reduction pathway to 2030 and beyond.

Key findings

To meet this challenge the next Government should provide clarity and a sense of direction to enhance the credibility of its climate policies, through:

  1. building long-term investor confidence in the UK’s low-carbon economy;
  2. harnessing the UK’s potential as a leader in energy ‘cleantech’;
  3. ensuring that the transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy is affordable for businesses and households;
  4. increasing the UK’s resilience to extreme weather; and
  5. demonstrating leadership in international climate negotiations.
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