This year’s General Election in the UK takes place against a backdrop of worsening climate change impacts at home and around the world, with heatwaves and more intense storms already affecting lives and livelihoods across the country and increasing pressure on vital public services like the NHS.

As the window of opportunity to limit the worst effects of climate change narrows, the lifetime of the next government will be critical in putting the UK firmly on track to deliver the near-term emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures as close as possible to 1.5°C and to promote a more resilient economy and society. This will not only avoid the worst climate impacts, but it will also deliver widespread economic, social and health benefits for households and businesses and will reassert the UK’s climate leadership on the global stage.

To meet this challenge, the next UK government should:

  1. Put the UK firmly on track to meet its emission reduction commitments, to deliver a stronger economy and benefit communities across the country
  2. Boost resilience and reduce the vulnerability of UK communities, businesses and infrastructure to the increasing impacts of a warmer climate
  3. Ensure a just transition for workers, consumers and citizens
  4. Ensure that decision-making about climate change policies is informed by the best available expertise and advice
  5. Ensure the UK demonstrates international leadership on climate change

This report was published jointly with the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London.

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