Alina Averchenkova

Principal Research Fellow

Alina joined the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in April 2013. She is responsible for the engagement with policy and decision makers worldwide, and research on international climate change policy.


Alina joined the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change from KPMG, where she was Global Director for Climate Change and Carbon. She has fourteen years of experience in climate policy and international development.

Prior to KPMG, Alina has worked for a carbon-asset manager, First Climate, in Zurich, focusing on policies related to carbon markets. Before that, as a Programme Officer at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change based in Bonn, she supported international negotiations on post-2012 climate change regime.

Her professional experience also includes work for the Environmental Defence Fund in Washington, DC, focusing on climate policy in economies in transition; for Metroeconomica Ltd on resource abundance and economic growth, and for the Bureau of Economic Analysis, on climate policy in Russia.

Alina has extensive experience in providing advisory and capacity building services to governments, UN organisations and private sector, and in facilitating interministerial and multi-stakeholder dialogues on climate change.

Alina holds a BSc in Geography from Moscow State University, and an MSc and a PhD in Economics and International Development from the University of Bath, focused on factors of effectiveness of international climate change regime.

Research interests

  • Design of the international climate change regime;
  • Low emission development strategies in developing countries;
  • Climate finance;
  • Subnational action around low carbon and green growth.


Research article  19 May, 2016

Multinational and large national corporations and climate adaptation: are we asking the right questions? A review of current knowledge and a new research perspective

Adapting to climate change requires the engagement of all actors in society. Until recently, the predominant research focus has been on governments, communities, and the third sector as key actors … read more »


Working paper  11 March, 2015

Multinational corporations and climate adaptation – Are we asking the right questions? A review of current knowledge and a new research perspective

Adapting to climate change requires the engagement of all actors in society. Until recently, predominant research focus has been on governments, communities and the third sector as key actors in … read more »


Conference presentation  8 December, 2014

Low-carbon future: A case for concerted action by national and local authorities

Presentation at the Parliamentary meeting on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Congress of the Republic of Peru on 8 December read more »

Conference presentation  7 December, 2014

Changing role of national legislation on climate change: Recent developments

Presentation give at the GLOBE COP20 Legislators Summit on 7 December 2014 in Lima. read more »

Conference presentation  16 June, 2014

Private-sector role in reducing emissions

Alina Averchenkova presented at the 3rd meeting of the Durban Forum on Capacity-building at the Bonn Climate Change Conference on 12 June 2014. Alina’s presentation focused on the experience with … read more »


Research article  19 June, 2009

Institutional Mechanisms to Address the AAU Reserves in a Post-2012 Agreement

Alexander Averchenkov and Alina Averchenkova Carbon and Climate Law Review, Issue 3, September 2009

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Policy report  5 December, 2017

The credibility of the European Union’s efforts to decarbonise the power sector

This report assesses the credibility of EU member states’ efforts to decarbonise the power sector – with credibility of policy commitments defined as ‘the likelihood that policymakers will keep their promises to implement the pledges or policies they announce’. read more »

Policy presentation  16 November, 2017

Low carbon economy: What role for legislators?

Presentation given at the Parliamentary meeting on the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Bonn (Germany), 12 November 2017. The meeting was organized jointly by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Parliament … read more »

Policy report  9 May, 2017

Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation: 2017 update

This report summarises key trends in climate change legislation and litigation. It is the sixth stock-take in a series of global Climate Legislation Studies that dates back to 2010. read more »


Policy report  17 November, 2016

Assessing the consistency of national mitigation actions in the G20 with the Paris Agreement

This study uses the ‘Paris consistency monitor’ to assess whether the past and present action by G20 countries on climate mitigation is consistent with meeting the key requirements of the Paris Agreement. read more »

Policy report  17 November, 2016

Climate policy in China, the European Union and the United States: main drivers and prospects for the future

This report assesses the domestic constraints and opportunities for the development of climate policy in China, the EU and the US. read more »

Policy report  1 February, 2016

Beyond the targets: assessing the political credibility of pledges for the Paris Agreement

This report provides the results of an analysis of “intended nationally determined contributions”, or INDCs, that were submitted by countries ahead of the Paris Agreement on climate change. read more »


Policy presentation  10 December, 2015

Beyond the targets: Assessing the political credibility of national actions and INDCs - Presentation

Presentation given at the Side event at COP21/CMP11 in Paris, France on 8 December 2015.

Policy report  8 December, 2015

Beyond the targets: assessing the political credibility of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)

This paper analyses the credibility of national climate pledges (INDCs). It starts by fleshing out the key determinants of credibility in relation to action on climate change. It then outlines a framework to assess the credibility of a country’s INDC pledges based on these determinants. This framework is used to provide an initial assessment of the credibility of INDCs provided by G20 countries. read more »


Policy paper  11 December, 2014

Taming the beasts of ‘burden-sharing’: an analysis of equitable mitigation actions and approaches to 2030 mitigation pledges

Countries are now seeking to reach a new international agreement on climate change, to be signed in Paris in December 2015. A key element of the international negotiations … read more »

Policy report  6 November, 2014

Annual Status Report on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) 2014, Mitigation Momentum, November 2014

This report begins with an overview of the latest statistics on NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) development, drawing from the UNFCCC NAMA Registry and the Ecofys NAMA Database.The second section … read more »

Policy report  12 June, 2014

Mobilising private-sector engagement in LEDS and NAMAs

Lessons learned from UNDP's low emission capacity building programme read more »

Policy report  12 June, 2014

Barriers in developing national mitigation strategies and actions in developing countries

The study identifies barriers to the design and implementation of low emission development strategies (LEDS) and mitigation actions (NAMAs) encountered in developing countries read more »


Policy paper  19 June, 2012

Expect the Unexpected: Building Business Value in a Changing World

De Boer, Y., van Bergen, B., McKenzie, M., Averchenkova, A., Gladwin, T., McGraw, M., Lyon, T., Bunch, R. KPMG, 2012. – External link to publication


Policy report  30 December, 2011

Embarking on the low carbon journey: National Mitigation Actions as green growth vehicles in developing nations

KPMG, 2011. – External link to download report (PDF)


Policy paper  19 June, 2010

How-to Guide: Low Emission Development Strategies and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions: Eastern Europe and CIS

Averchenkova, A. UNDP, 2010 – External link to publication

Policy report  30 March, 2010

The outcomes of Copenhagen: The negotiations and the Accord

UNDP Environment & Energy Group climate Policy series, March 2010 – Download report from external website (PDF)

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In the news  10 May, 2017

The number of laws to combat global warming has exploded in 20 years

France24, Sébastian Seibt, 10 May 2017

In the news  9 May, 2017

Stay in or leave the Paris climate deal? Lessons from Kyoto

A recent study from the Grantham Research Institute found that the mere existence of Paris had prodded dozens of countries to enact new clean-energy laws. read more »

In the news  9 May, 2017

Climate change laws exceed 1,200 worldwide, finds LSE study

Nations around the world have adopted more than 1,200 laws to curb climate change, up from about 60 two decades ago, a sign of widening efforts to limit rising temperatures, according to a new study. read more »

In the news  10 April, 2017

Paris Agreement: the United States divided, China determined (VIDEO)

Quebec Huffington Post, 10 May 2017


In the news  17 November, 2016

Australia ranked among worst developed countries for climate change action

The Guardian, 17 November

In the news  19 February, 2016

Beyond Paris – the long-term energy outlook

Financial Times, 15 February

In the news  19 February, 2016

Climate report calls for strengthening credibility in action plans

Financial Express, 1 February

In the news  19 February, 2016

The Paris deal is done, but how credible are the pledges?

BusinessGreen, 4 February


In the news  13 October, 2015

Where do multinationals fit in global efforts to adapt to climate change?

Is there a role for the private sector in improving climate resilience? Alina Averchenkova and Florence Crick relfect on recent research carried out by the Institute in this LSE Business Review Blog. read more »

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Policy Seminars 21 Nov 2017

After COP 23, Bonn: Where next for international climate negotiations? Video

In the two years following the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, and following the most recent UN Climate Change summit in Bonn, Germany this year, where next for international climate action? read more »

Conferences 9 May 2017

Implementation of the Paris Agreement and NDCs – new tools for developing climate legislation

UNFCCC event in partnership with UN Environment, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Grantham Research Institute at London School of Economics. read more »


Policy Seminars 24 Nov 2016

Panel debate | A year on from Paris: turning commitments into action

Watch the live stream of this event at which Lord Stern will be joined by a distinguished panel to discuss what the combined outcomes of COP22, the US election and the UK's decision to leave the EU mean for international climate diplomacy and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. read more »

Conferences 17 Nov 2016

Implementing the NDCs to the Paris agreement: Bridging the legislative and policy gap (COP 22 Side Event)

Side event at the Marrakech Climate Change Conference (COP 22) Parliamentarians, negotiators and policy experts discuss the findings of the Global climate legislation data and of a new study to … read more »

Grantham Workshop 2 Nov 2016

Grantham Workshop | Alina Averchenkova 'One year from Paris: progress made and expectations from COP 22 in Marrakesh'

Alina Averchenkova, Co-Head of Climate Policy at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, will be the speaker for this seminar.

Public Lectures 18 Feb 2016

VIDEO Public lecture | We'll always have Paris: COP21 and the new political economy of climate change

Michael Jacobs explores both the causes and the consequences of the Paris Agreement in this LSE public lecture. read more »

Grantham Workshop 17 Feb 2016

Grantham Workshop | Outcomes of COP 21 in Paris and implications for the research agenda

Grantham Workshop on 17 February hosts an interactive discussion panel ‘Outcomes of COP 21 in Paris and implications for the research agenda’. Agenda: 1. Overview of the outcomes of Paris and emerging policy questions-Presentation … read more »


Post COP21 panel debate | After Paris: is COP21 a turning point for international action on climate change?

In the week immediately after COP21 ends in Paris, Lord Stern will be joined by a distinguished panel to discuss its significance and whether its outcome marks a turning point for international action to combat climate change. read more »

Public Lectures 23 Jun 2015

Public lecture | International cooperation and climate change

Dr Alina Averchenkova, Prof John Broome, Prof Robyn Eckersley and Fergus Green discuss why the international community been faltering on effective climate action and how we can break through the collective-action impasse. read more »


Grantham Workshop 12 Nov 2014

Grantham Workshop: Alina Averchenkova

Barriers to the case for accelerated low carbon transition: Analysis of the conversations with Chief Economists and Senior Policy Advisors read more »

Grantham Workshop 19 Mar 2014

A new perspective on private sector adaptation: the case of multinational corporations

Speaker: Alina Averchenkova, GRI  

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