Adriana Kocornik-Mina

Adriana worked with the Grantham Research Institute from March 2013 until August 2015, where she contributed to the Adaptation and Development programme.


Adriana holds a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University.

She previously worked on electricity transmission at the US Department of Energy and was a Research Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy at George Mason University.

Adriana has taught research methods and governance and policy processes to graduate students at Georgetown University and George Mason University, respectively.

Research interests

  • Adaptation to climate change;
  • Subnational patterns of risk from climate hazards;
  • Growth dynamics and vulnerability to climate change.


Research - 2016

Research - 2015


Policy - 2015

Adaptation presents developing countries with the ultimate dual challenge – building a rapidly evolving, sustainable economy within an environment increasingly altered by the impacts of climate change. To meet this challenge, adaptation policy must find balance and create synergy between the two, as climate resilience and economic resilience go hand in hand. Read more


News - 2015

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