Building on the experiences of the UK’s Climate Change Act (2008) and the French Energy Transition law (2015), this article presents and updated analysis of the key elements that can be considered in the design of Spain’s upcoming Climate Change and Energy Transition Law. The article then analyses the legislative proposals for such a law presented by the conservative party (Partido Popular, PP), Unidas Podemos (UP) and the socialist party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español, PSOE). It also discusses political and citizen support for the key elements of a climate law as discussed in the first part of the article. The article concludes that beyond the acrimonious political debate consensus on the design of the core elements of the law is possible even if disagreement can be expected regarding the specific climate policy instruments.

Alina Averchenkova and Lara Lázaro Touza, Funcas 2020

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