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  • Dimitri Zenghelis

    Co-Head Climate Policy

    Dimitri is also an Associate Fellow of the Energy, Environment and Development Programme at Chatham House.


    Dimitri was a Senior Economic Advisor to Cisco from 2008-2013. From 2007 to 2008, he was Head of the Stern Review Team.

    Prior to this, Dimitri was Senior Economist of the Stern Review Team at HM Treasury and Head of Economic Forecasting at HM Treasury.

    Research interests

    • The macroeconomic aspects of climate change;
    • The design of policy regimes for tackling harmful climate change.
    Research article  19 January, 2014

    In praise of a green stimulus

    Macroeconomic conditions make this a relatively favorable time to kick-start investments necessary to transition to a resource-efficient economy read more »


    Research article  19 March, 2011

    City solutions to global problems

    Cities have clearly played a major role in the creation of the problem of anthropogenic climate change and they will form a central part of any response. No effective … read more »

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    Policy paper  6 July, 2014

    Burden or opportunity? How UK emissions reductions policies affect the competitiveness of businesses

    The ongoing review of the UK’s Fourth Carbon Budget is closely linked to the debate over the impact that domestic climate change policies can have on the competitiveness of businesses. … read more »

    Policy report  1 May, 2014

    Copenhagen - Green Economy Leader Report

    Report outlines the strategic choices facing Copenhagen as it builds on its pioneering work as a global green economy leader. read more »


    Policy report  19 December, 2013

    UCL Green Economic Policy Commission, Final Report

    December 2013 - External link to report

    Climate Change Act
    Policy report  1 September, 2013

    The Climate Change Act

    The Climate Change Act received Royal Assent on 26 November 2008 and set an overarching target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by … read more »

    Policy report  20 June, 2013

    Going Green

    LSE Cities, November 2012 - External link to report

    Policy report  20 June, 2013

    Stockholm - Green Economy Leader Report

    LSE, June 2013. - External link to publication

    Policy report  20 June, 2013

    Driving Growth Through Green Innovation

    Chapter 12 in The Green Book. Summer 2013 - Link to publisher

    Policy report  20 May, 2013

    No Country is an Energy Island: Securing Investment for the EU's Future

    European Union Committee – Evidence with Martin Wolf – May 2013 - External link to report


    Policy report  20 October, 2012

    Submission to House of Lords inquiry into EU energy policy

    October 2012 - External link to submission

    Policy report  20 July, 2012

    Delivering environmentally and socially sustainable economic growth in Europe

    In: Salzburg Trilogue


    Policy report  1 June, 2011

    The basic economics of low-carbon growth in the UK

    Mattia Romani, Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis

    Policy report  20 April, 2011

    Trade, Technology and the Green Economy

    Chapter Author, UNCTAD “The Road to Rio+20: For a Development-led Green Economy,” forwarded by Jeff Sachs. - External link to publication

    Policy report  20 February, 2011

    Cities and the Green Economy

    In UNEP Green Economy Report  with Philipp Rode, UNEP Green cities, Feb 2011 - External link to publisher

    Policy paper  1 January, 2011

    A macroeconomic plan for a green recovery

    A unique green opportunity has arisen for policy makers to create viable newmarkets, boost private investment and innovation, and stimulate the economy without requiring large public expenditure. By sending a … read more »


    Policy report  20 December, 2010

    Climate Change The New Economy’

    Published at COP 16 in Cancun. p22: December 2010 - External link to report

    Policy report  18 May, 2010

    The Climate Competitiveness Index 2010

    UNEP/Accountability (Contributor) May - External link to publication


    Policy report  1 February, 2009

    An outline of the case for a 'green' stimulus

    Alex Bowen, Samuel Fankhauser, Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis  

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    In the news  7 July, 2014

    Climate change policies 'can increase UK competitiveness'

    Grantham Institute study says climate legislation has not harmed UK businesses and there is no case for weakening carbon targets read more »

    In the news  7 July, 2014

    UK climate change policies have not harmed economy, report says

    Grantham Institute study says climate legislation has not harmed UK businesses read more »

    In the news  7 July, 2014

    The Costs of Climate Change

    A new study projects the economic damage caused by global warming will be significantly higher than previous models predict. read more »

    In the news  20 June, 2014

    Keep the climate, change the economy

    The UN says we need to make a 'massive shift' to renewables to curb climate change. How can we encourage investors? read more »

    Commentary  6 May, 2014

    What do economic models tell us?

    “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future” – so goes the saying. The same applies to economic modelling. This is not just the trite point that it … read more »

    Commentary  3 April, 2014

    A flawed conversation about the Stern Review

    An article published on 2 April by ‘The Conversation’ by Professor Richard Tol, under the headline ‘IPCC report shows Stern inflated climate change costs’, contains a number of significant errors … read more »


    In the news  23 December, 2013

    There are good economists and bad economists

    Dimitri Zenghelis argues the case for economics to play a central role in climate policy read more »

    In the news  22 December, 2013

    In the Balance, Paying to Pollute

    BBC World Service

    In the news  20 September, 2013

    Focus on: Dimitri Zenghelis

    Journal of Environmental Investing

    In the news  18 September, 2013

    Why economic models tell us so little about the future

    Dimitri Zenghelis explains the complex limitations faced by economic models that can serve to slow down the transition to a sustainable economy read more »

    In the news  20 August, 2013

    Energy Dreams - Thorium Forum


    In the news  11 July, 2013

    The politics and economics of change

    Business Green July 11 2013

    In the news  8 May, 2013

    How innovation could deliver a virtuous green growth spiral

    Dimitri Zenghelis argues that innovation can tackle the looming resource crunch - it just needs intelligent policies if it is to be unlocked read more »

    In the news  18 March, 2013

    Why now is the best possible time to invest in Green

    Business Green March 18, 2013

    In the news  19 February, 2013

    A Credible Strategy to Stimulate Growth

    Now is the time to support resource-efficient investment because costs and barriers are low. Credible green policies could restore confidence and generate growth read more »


    Commentary  20 December, 2012

    Global Problems City Solutions

    LSE Cities, December 2012

    Commentary  28 November, 2012

    Making Sustainability Pay

    The Globalist, November  2012

    In the news  4 November, 2012

    Evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee

    December 2012

    In the news  13 October, 2012

    Green subsidies

    BBC World Service interview with Lesley Curwen, October 2012 read more »

    Commentary  27 July, 2012

    Multiplied dividends from promoting green investment

    LSE Blog

    Commentary  20 June, 2012

    Restoring growth and confidence through green innovation

    e!Sharp. June 2012.

    Commentary  7 June, 2012

    Green investments can overcome the paradox of thrift

    New Statesman, June 2012.

    Commentary  7 June, 2012

    Green investments can overcome the paradox of thrift

    We need real public investment in Green projects now. Few economists will be entirely surprised that the UK is officially back in recession. We are witnessing a classic case of … read more »

    Commentary  20 May, 2012

    What is the role of energy innovation in delivering a secure, affordable low carbon economy?

    EuroNews, Comments Visions. Discussion. May 2012.

    Commentary  20 May, 2012

    Ten principles for an effective business and innovation policy in the UK

    The Growth Factory: 21st century industrial strategy for the UK. May 2012.


    Announcement  10 June, 2011

    New book: 'Living in the Endless City'

    Lord Nicholas Stern, Philipp Rode (Executive Director of LSE cities) and Dimitri Zenghelis have authored a chapter in this book, entitled 'City Solutions to Global Problems'. read more »

    Commentary  24 May, 2011

    HM Treasury hamstrings the Green Investment Bank

    Yesterday, following his speech on the green economy, I asked the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, why the new Green Investment Bank will not be allowed to borrow until 2015, … read more »

    Commentary  20 May, 2011

    Enough Already

    Review of Diane Coyle’s book “The Economics of Enough” Nature, Climate Change read more »

    Commentary  9 May, 2011

    Grasping the Opportunity

    Inside Track Magazine Green Alliance group, Issue 28 Spring 2011

    Commentary  6 May, 2011

    Enough already?

    Nature Climate Change

    Commentary  1 May, 2011

    Grasping the opportunity

    With the right backing from government, the Green Investment Bank has the potential to unlock huge opportunities for investment and innovation, to drive a greener economy. Dimitri Zenghelis makes the … read more »

    United Nations
    Announcement  22 February, 2011

    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): groundbreaking report

    UNEP has published a new report: 'Towards a Green Economy: pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication|'. Dimitri Zenghelis, a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute, was a contributing author of the chapter on cities. read more »

    Comparing Costs and Benefits
    Commentary  20 January, 2011

    Comparing Costs and Benefits

    Review of Bjorn Lomborg’s book “Smart Solutions to Climate Change” read more »


    Commentary  2 September, 2010

    Joint Critique of Bjørn Lomborg's Pronouncements on Climate Change

    The Guardian, 2 September  2010

    Commentary  2 September, 2010

    Still wary of Bjørn Lomborg's pronouncements on climate change

    Bjørn Lomborg’s change of mind on climate change is welcome, and some of his suggestions good, but your glowing review of his new book failed to examine deeply his shift … read more »

    Commentary  20 May, 2010

    Science Fact, Climate Fiction - Clarifying the Debate

    American Scientist, May-June 2010

    Commentary  16 April, 2010

    Science fact, climate fiction - clarifying the debate

    At a time of renewed backlash against climate science, three recent books—Stephen H. Schneider’s Science as a Contact Sport, James Hansen’s Storms of My Grandchildren and James Hoggan’s Climate Cover-Up—collectively … read more »

    Commentary  20 March, 2010

    Copenhagen Discord: Bottom-Up Investing in a Global Landscape

    The Journal of Environmental Investing, Vol 1, No 1 (March 2010)

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