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  • Governance and legislation

  • Joana Setzer

    Research Officer

    Joana is on a 3-year British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. Her research will focus on climate legislation and litigation, and she has a particular interest on subnational climate policies and action.


    Joana Setzer holds a PhD in Environment and Development from the LSE. Her thesis focused on the international relations undertaken by subnational governments, particularly in the field of climate change. Joana also holds a Masters in environmental policy from the LSE, and a Masters in environmental science from the University of Sao Paulo. Before starting her post-doc Joana worked as the external affairs coordinator of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD). Before moving to the UK, Joana worked for eight years as an environmental lawyer in Brazil.

    Research interests

    • Subnational diplomacy
    • Multilevel climate and environmental governance
    • Climate change and environmental legislation
    Research article  10 June, 2017

    Subnational climate entrepreneurship: innovative climate action in California and São Paulo

    The distinct role of subnational governments such as states and provinces in addressing climate change has been increasingly acknowledged. But while most studies investigate the causes and consequences of … read more »


    Research article  28 July, 2016

    Transnational action fostering climate protection in the city of São Paulo and beyond

    This article examines the local outcomes of São Paulo city’s engagement in transnational networks for climate protection. The participation of municipalities in such networks has been an important driver … read more »


    Research article  5 May, 2015

    Testing the boundaries of subnational diplomacy: the international climate action of local and regional governments

    The article shows that the diplomatic activity of local and regional governments is still constrained by international and domestic legal frameworks. read more »


    Research article  28 November, 2014

    How subnational governments are rescaling environmental governance: the case of the Brazilian state of São Paulo

    Setzer, J. (2014). In: Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. November 2014. DOI: 10.1080/1523908X.2014.984669


    Research article  14 September, 2013

    Environmental paradiplomacy: the Brazilian participation in the international climate regime

    Rei, F., Cunha, K. and Setzer, J. (2013). In: Brazilian Journal of Environmental Law, v. 71:265-286 (Portuguese).

    Research article  17 June, 2013

    RIO +20 and the institutional framework for sustainable development: the role of subnational governments in global environmental governance

    Rei, F., Setzer, J. and Cunha, K. (2012). Brazilian Journal of International Law, 9(3), p. 129-140 (Portuguese).

    Research article  21 February, 2013

    Increasing participation in climate policy implementation: a case for engaging SMEs from the transport sector in the city of São Paulo

    In a number of cities around the world the adoption of climate policies has been driven by partnerships between multiple actors from the private sector, NGOs, and academia. With this … read more »


    Research article  17 June, 2012

    La paradiplomacia ambiental em la nueva gobernanza internacional

    Rei, F., Cunha, K. and Setzer, J. (2012).  TIP – Trabajos de Investigación en Paradiplomacia, 1(2), p. 50-63 (Spanish).

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    Policy report  9 May, 2017

    Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation: 2017 update

    This report summarises key trends in climate change legislation and litigation. It is the sixth stock-take in a series of global Climate Legislation Studies that dates back to 2010. read more »


    Policy report  1 July, 2015

    2015 Climate Legislation Study

    This report summarises the main insights from the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study. It is the fifth edition in a series dating back to 2010 (Townshend et al., 2011). Detailed … read more »


    Policy report  1 February, 2014

    The GLOBE climate legislation study: a review of climate change legislation in 66 countries

    Note: New and updated 2015 edition available The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study is the most comprehensive audit of climate legislation across 66 countries, together responsible for around 88% of global … read more »

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    Commentary  24 May, 2017

    Climate in the courtroom: Litigation is increasingly used to influence action on climate change

    Our annual round-up about global climate legislation delivered at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change intersessional conference in May shows that there is a stock of 1200 laws … read more »

    In the news  10 May, 2017

    The number of laws to combat global warming has exploded in 20 years

    France24, Sébastian Seibt, 10 May 2017

    In the news  9 May, 2017

    Stay in or leave the Paris climate deal? Lessons from Kyoto

    A recent study from the Grantham Research Institute found that the mere existence of Paris had prodded dozens of countries to enact new clean-energy laws. read more »

    In the news  9 May, 2017

    Climate change laws exceed 1,200 worldwide, finds LSE study

    Nations around the world have adopted more than 1,200 laws to curb climate change, up from about 60 two decades ago, a sign of widening efforts to limit rising temperatures, according to a new study. read more »

    In the news  10 April, 2017

    Paris Agreement: the United States divided, China determined (VIDEO)

    Quebec Huffington Post, 10 May 2017

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    Public Lectures 21 Mar 2017

    Climate change litigation: courts to the rescue?

    LSE Law and Grantham Research Institute public event Speakers: Welcome by Joana Setzer (Grantham Research Institute, LSE) Hari Osofsky (University of Minnesota Law School) Gillian Lobo (ClientEarth) Chaired by Veerle … read more »

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