Shaikh joined the Grantham Institute in July 2015 after completing his PhD from the University of Wyoming. His research focuses on environment and development economics issues such as impacts of extreme climatic events, adaptation mechanisms, natural resources management and conservation and cross-border sharing of natural resources. At the the Institute, Shaikh primarily contributes to the PRISE project.


Research - 2024

Using publicly available data on country- and company-level net-zero targets, this econometric analysis reveals a positive relationship between state and company: A country introducing a domestic net-zero target in law increases the likelihood of companies introducing their own voluntary targets and vice-versa. Read more

Research - 2023

Research - 2022

The authors of this paper conduct a systematic review to synthesize existing knowledge on differential vulnerability of female entrepreneurs in Africa to climate risk, in relation to their sensitivity to extreme climate events and their adaptive capacity. Read more

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Research - 2016


Policy - 2023

This policy brief draws on research undertaken in Laikipia County in central Kenya to underscore the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in Africa in the face of climate change and how policy can support them to build strong, climate-resilient businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Read more

Policy - 2022

This report [in French] is the result of research conducted in the semi-arid Kaolack region of Senegal, as part of the Women Entrepreneurs in Climate Change Adaptation (WECCA) project. Read more


News - 2020

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