Ralf Martin


Ralf is also a Research Fellow in Productivity and Innovation at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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Ralf has a PhD from LSE, an MSc in Econometrics & Mathematical Economics from LSE, a Master’s in International Economic Studies from Maastricht University, Netherlands, and an undergraduate degree (Vordiplom) from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

Research interests

  • Econometric policy evaluation;
  • Climate change policies;
  • Innovation and climate change;
  • Industrial policies;
  • Business microdata;
  • Prediction markets;
  • Memes.


Working paper  17 January, 2019

Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companies

This paper examines whether the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has led companies to shift the location of production, thereby creating carbon leakage. read more »


Working paper  13 October, 2017

Knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies

Government policy in support of innovation often varies across technology areas. An important example are climate change policies that typically try to support so-called clean technologies that avoid greenhouse gas pollution and hamper dirty technologies that are associated with polluting emissions. This paper explores the economic consequences of such policy moves in the short run. read more »


Working paper  17 March, 2016

Do tax incentives for research increase firm innovation? An RD design for R&D

We present the first evidence showing causal impact of research and development (R&D) tax incentives on innovation outcomes. We exploit a change in the asset-based size thresholds for eligibility for … read more »

Research article  1 February, 2016

Carbon Taxes, Path Dependency, and Directed Technical Change: Evidence from the Auto Industry

Can directed technical change be used to combat climate change? We construct new firm-level panel data on auto industry innovation distinguishing between “dirty” (internal combustion engine) and “clean” (e.g., electric, … read more »


Research article  21 March, 2013

Using micro data to examine causal effects of climate policy

Reference Gennaioli, C., Martin, R., Muuls, M. 2013. Using micro data to examine causal effects of climate policy. In: Handbook on Energy and Climate Change (Roger Fouquet [ed.]), Edwards Elgar … read more »


Working paper  1 December, 2012

Carbon taxes, path dependency and directed technical change: evidence from the auto industry

Can directed technical change be used to combat climate change? We construct new firm-level panel data on auto industry innovation distinguishing between “dirty” (internal combustion engine) … read more »

Working paper  1 July, 2012

Industry compensation under relocation risk: a firm-level analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

When industry compensation is offered to prevent relocation of regulated firms, efficiency requires that payments be distributed across firms so as to equalise marginal relocation probabilities, … read more »


Research article  19 May, 2010

Modern management: good for the environment or just hot air?

We use an innovative methodology to measure management practices in over 300 manufacturing firms in the UK. We then match this management data to production and energy usage information … read more »

Working paper  1 January, 2010

Why is the USA so energy intensive? Evidence for US multinationals in the UK

At present the USA is, in per capita terms, the top greenhouse gas polluter among the world’s major economies. This is mirrored by the high-energy intensity … read more »


Working paper  1 August, 2009

The impacts of the Climate Change Levy on business: evidence from microdata

We estimate the impacts of an energy tax – the Climate Change Levy (CCL) – on the manufacturing sector using panel data from the UK production … read more »

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Policy publications  12 February, 2020

Seizing sustainable growth opportunities from zero emission passenger vehicles in the UK

The UK needs to adopt a strategic approach to decarbonisation and the transition to net-zero economic growth. This report focuses on the goods and services related to passenger vehicles, identifying the multiple areas in which the UK could be competitive: opportunities lie in diverse goods and services across value chains and stages of innovation. read more »


Policy publications  3 December, 2018

Sustainable growth in the UK: Seizing opportunities from technological change and the transition to a low-carbon economy

This special report for the LSE Growth Commission shows why it is sensible for environmental sustainability to be at the heart of the UK’s growth strategy and how this can be achieved, setting out recommendations for government across the areas of innovation, infrastructure, skills and cities. read more »


Policy publications  18 January, 2016

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

New clean technologies are urgently required to meet long-term global climate goals. Simulating the development of these technologies has become worldwide policy priority. This policy brief uses the … read more »


Policy publications  10 April, 2010

Low-carbon innovation in the UK: evidence from patent data

UK policy makers increasingly see new technologies related to the mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a potential source of income growth for the UK economy. In this study, … read more »

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Commentary  3 December, 2018

Capitalising on technological change and the low-carbon transition in the UK

Upon publication of a new special report for the LSE Growth Commission, the authors outline why it is sensible for environmental sustainability to be at the heart of the UK’s growth strategy and how this can be achieved. read more »


In the news  21 January, 2016

Long-term, low-carbon R&D investment should be increased: report

Xinhua, 19 January

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Research Seminar Series 27 Feb 2019

Making smart meters smarter the smart way | Ralf Martin

Ralf will be discussing the paper, Making smart meters smarter the smart way, which he co-authored. Abstract We report first results from a large scale randomized control trial of different forms … read more »


Grantham Workshop 30 Sep 2013

Green Growth - Macroeconomics Workshop

Supported by the Global Green Growth Institute Presentations made by: Baran Doda (Grantham Research Institute, LSE) – Evidence on CO2 emissions and business cycle fluctuations Sjak Smulders (Tilburg) – Give … read more »


Policy Seminars 9 Jun 2009

Climate Change Policy and Business Performance

Speaker: Dr Ralf Martin, research fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE

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