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  • Sustainable development

  • Kate Elizabeth Gannon

    Research Officer

    Kate is a postdoctoral researcher working on the NERC funded El Niño project, which explores impacts and responses to the recent El Niño in East and Southern Africa. She is also working on project 4 of PRISE (Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economies), which examines the role of the private sector/multi-stakeholder partnerships in climate change adaptation and climate resilient development.


    Prior to joining Grantham, Kate completed her PhD at King’s College London where she explored public perceptions of geoengineering and ecological worldviews through an ethnographic case study of the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation. Kate also holds a Masters of Environmental Social Science Research and a BSC Environmental Geography and International Development from the University of East Anglia.

    Research interests

    • Climate change adaptation and development, including the role of the private sector
    • Climate risk and hydropower
    • Sub-Saharan Africa and climate change
    • Participation and geoengineering
    Research article  15 May, 2018

    Geoengineering at the “Edge of the World”: Exploring perceptions of ocean fertilisation through the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation

    The Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation’s (HSRC) 2012 ocean fertilisation experiment introduced a controversial geoengineering technology to the First Nations village of Old Massett on the islands of Haida Gwaii in … read more »

    Research article  22 January, 2018

    Enabling private sector adaptation to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa

    The private sector is increasingly recognized as having important potential to help society adapt and become more resilient to climate change. Yet there is limited research examining how to … read more »

    Research article  5 January, 2018

    Hydrological Response and Complex Impact Pathways of the 2015/2016 El Niño in Eastern and Southern Africa

    The 2015/2016 El Niño was one of the three most severe on record. El Niño is commonly linked to droughts in southern Africa and extreme rainfall in eastern Africa but … read more »


    Working paper  28 September, 2017

    Geoengineering at the ‘edge of the world’: exploring perceptions of ocean fertilization through the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation

    This paper describes an opportunistic case study of the 2012 Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation’s ocean fertilization project. read more »

    More in research publications

     10 July, 2018

    Soutenir l’adaptation aux changements climatiques des acteurs privés en zones semi-arides dans les pays en développement

    This is the French translation of the PRISE [PRESA] policy brief 'Supporting private adaptation to climate change in semi-arid lands in developing countries', published in June 2018. read more »

     13 June, 2018

    Supporting private adaptation to climate change in semi-arid lands in developing countries

    National governments, with development partners, have an important role to play in supporting adaptation and climate-resilient development among private actors – households, producers and small businesses – in the semi-arid lands of developing countries, argues this brief, a final output from the Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economies (PRISE) project. read more »

     12 April, 2018

    Supporting adaptation to climate change among businesses and households in semi-arid lands: an agenda for the Talanoa Dialogue

    This briefing note submits learning to the Talanoa Dialogue process from PRISE on supporting private adaptation to climate change by households and businesses in semi-arid lands. read more »


    Policy report  31 July, 2017

    Private Sector Adaptation Strategies: How SMEs start to respond to Senegal's semi-arid zones (In French)

    Although research on climate change adaptation has been conducted on households and communities, particularly in Senegal’s semi-arid lands (SALs), very little attention has been paid to the local private sector, … read more »

    More in policy publications

    Commentary  18 June, 2018

    Pursue twin goals of adaptation and development in semi-arid regions

    Policymakers must pursue both climate adaptation and development if they are to support the poorest in semi-arid regions say Florence Crick, Kate Gannon an Estelle Rouhaud. read more »

    In the news  3 February, 2018

    Enabling private sector adaptation to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Advanced Science News, 3 February 2018  

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