Although research on climate change adaptation has been conducted on households and communities, particularly in Senegal’s semi-arid lands (SALs), very little attention has been paid to the local private sector, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the context of climate change. Limited information exists on how SMEs are affected by climate change, the responses they attempt to make to address its impacts and the barriers they face when doing so. Yet such scientific information is vital to better support businesses as they adapt to climate change and, in the long term, to support the equitable development of SALs.

To contribute to filling this knowledge gap, PRISE has carried out a study to analyse the level of SME vulnerability in Senegal’s SALs in a context of climate change, and the coping responses SMEs have developed and implemented to support climate-resilient development in SALs. This French-language policy brief is a synthesis of the initial results of this research. It also provides key recommendations to policymakers to create an enabling environment for SME adaptation to climate impacts.

External link to publication (in French)

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