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Climate policy in China, the European Union and the United States: main drivers and prospects for the future

a policy publication by Alina Averchenkova, Samuela Bassi, Keith J. Benes, Fergus Green, Augustin Lagarde, Isabella Neuweg, Georg Zachmann 17 November, 2016

This report assesses the domestic constraints and opportunities for the development of climate policy in China, the EU and the US. read more »

What energy and climate change policies can we expect from President Trump?

a commentary by Bob Ward 11 November, 2016

Bob Ward, Director of Policy and Communications, looks at the prospects for climate policy in the US under President-elect Trump. read more »

Trumping progress or Clinton’s clean opportunity – The future of US climate policy after the elections

a commentary by Isabella Neuweg 7 November, 2016

In many respects the United States presidential election of 2016 could be decisive for the US, and the world, not least for the direction of climate policy. While many of … read more »

Ratification of Paris Agreement is bad news for Donald Trump

a commentary by Bob Ward 6 September, 2016

The announcement that the US and China have both ratified the Paris Agreement is likely to make it more difficult for Donald Trump, if he becomes President, to renege on the international commitment on climate change made by Barack Obama’s administration. read more »