Michal led the work on the Grantham Research Institute’s structured datasets and tools, supporting evidence-based decision-making – from national legislation and policy to low-carbon investment practices.

Since 2013 She has been leading the Grantham Research Institute’s Climate Change Laws of the World project – the most comprehensive global resource on climate legislation and policy – taking it from a printed annual publication covering 33 countries to a dynamic online, open-access resource with global coverage and a wide engagement programme.

Since 2018 she has also been project managing the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) – an investor-led initiative to support companies’ transition to a low-carbon economy. Supported by investors with over $18 trillion in Assets under Management and Advice, TPI tracks climate governance and emissions trajectories by the highest emitting companies worldwide, to facilitate evidence-based investor engagement and investment.

She is a member of the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON), and is a (non-practicing) lawyer. She regularly speaks on climate policy and action with diverse audiences – from school children to faith communities, investors and the general public, and appears regularly on national and international media.


Michal holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. Her research explored patterns of global diffusion of climate change policies, and the contribution of global networks to advancement of policies. She also has an MA (cum laude) in Energy Policy and Management from the University of Haifa, and an LLB in Law as well as an MBA (specialising in finance) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

After completing her PhD Michal was a British Academy post-doctoral researcher, and her research and policy work have focused on issues of global and sub-Saharan climate legislation and governance.

Until 2011, Michal worked at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, where, among others, she served on the professional advisory board for Israel’s national greenhouse gas mitigation plan, and was involved in drafting of environmental laws and policies. Prior to that, Michal headed competitive intelligence projects for multinational companies in the private sector.


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