Michal Nachmany

Research student

Michal Nachmany has been leading on the Global Climate Legislation Study since 2013. The Study is a review of climate legislation in 99 countries, together responsible for 93% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Michal’s doctoral research at the department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics explores the global diffusion of climate change policies, focusing on the dynamics of decision making at the micro-level, and on the contribution of global networks to advancement of policies.


Previously, Michal worked at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, an environmental think tank in Israel, where, among others, she served on the professional advisory board for Israel’s national greenhouse gas mitigation plan, and was involved in drafting of environmental laws and policies. Prior to that, Michal headed competitive intelligence projects for multinational companies in the private sector.

Michal has an MA (cum laude) in Energy Policy and Management from the University of Haifa, an LLB in Law and an MBA (specialising in finance) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Her research interests focus on the dynamics between the national and the international policy spheres – mainly policy diffusion and the impact of national legislation on the international climate change regime.

Research interests:

  • Climate legislation – between the national and international levels
  • Dynamics of international policy diffusion
  • Bounded rationality in the policy making processes



Conference presentation  26 October, 2015

Climate Change Legislation in 2015

Presentation to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) / Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Legislators Expert Meeting on Climate Change, London, 26 October 2015. Participants included legislators from 16 countries.    


Research article  18 January, 2014

The GLOBE climate legislation study

A review of climate change legislation in 66 Countries Michal Nachmany, Sam Fankhauser, Terry Townshend, Murray Collins, Tucker Landesman, Adam Matthews, Carolina Pavese, Katharina Rietig, Philip Schleifer and Joana Setzer

Research article  1 January, 2014

Book Review: Regulation Theory and Sustainable Development: Business Leaders and Ecological Modernization

Nachmany, Michal, 2014. Environmental Values 23(3), pp. 371-372.


Research article  25 April, 2013

How national legislation can help to solve climate change

Reference Townshend, T., Fankhauser, S., Aybar, R., Collins, M., Landesman, T., Nachmany, M., and Pavese, C. April 2013. How national legislation can help to solve climate change. Nature Climate Change, v.3, pp.430-432.


Research article  20 June, 2012

Book Review: Local climate action planning

Nachmany, M. 2012. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, v.30.

More in research publications


Policy report  31 May, 2015

2015 Global Climate Legislation Study

This report summarises the main insights from the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study. The study covers 98 countries plus the EU, which together account for 93 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. read more »


Policy paper  18 March, 2014

Walking alone? How the UK's carbon targets compare with its competitors'

The UK Government is reviewing the fourth carbon budget for the period  2023-27. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the budget, which was originally legislated in … read more »

Policy report  1 February, 2014

The GLOBE climate legislation study: a review of climate change legislation in 66 countries

Note: New and updated 2015 edition available The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study is the most comprehensive audit of climate legislation across 66 countries, together responsible for around 88% of global … read more »


Policy report  20 January, 2013

The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study: a review of climate change legislation in 33 countries

Note: New and updated 2015 edition is available Terry Townshend, Sam Fankhauser, Rafael Aybar, Murray Collins, Tucker Landesman, Michal Nachmany and Carolina Pavese [Eds.]), third Edition – External link to … read more »


Policy report  20 June, 2012

Sunny with a chance of solar - Israel's climate change policies

Nachmany, M. 2012.  Anglo Israeli Association Publication.


Policy report  20 June, 2011

Position Paper VII: Greenhouse Gases Mitigation Plan in Israel

Ayalon O., Goldrath, T., Nachmany, M., Lev On Group, Palatnik R., Faitelson H., and Kivun Ltd. 2011. National priorities for the environment in Israel., 2011. S. Neaman Publ. 85pp (Hebrew). … read more »


Policy report  20 June, 2010

Policy recommendations towards the formulation of a national policy regarding the treatment of packaging waste in Israel

Ayalon, O., Nachmany, M., Goldrath, T., Rosenthal, G., Dorfman, I., Grossman, M., and Shechter, M. 2010. S. Neaman Publ. 109pp (Hebrew). – External link to publisher  


Policy report  20 June, 2009

Energy efficiency in local authorities in Israel

Ayalon O., Goldrath T., and Nachmany M. 2009. S. Neaman Publ. 37pp (Hebrew). – External link to publisher

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Students at a lecture at the London School of Economics
Grantham Workshop 9 Jul 2014

GLOBE Climate legislation study

A review of climate legislation in 66 countries: findings from the 4th edition and outlook to the 5th edition read more »

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