Dr Fergus Green was a Research Officer (Environmental Politics) at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment at the LSE. Fergus’ research is focused on the politics, ethics and governance of low-carbon transitions, and draws on his training in political theory, political economy and law. Fergus remains involved with research at the Institute through his role in the JUSTDECARB Project.


Fergus began his career as a lawyer in the Melbourne office of Australasian firm Allens Arthur Robinson (now Allens-Linklaters) from 2009–12, where he specialised in climate change, energy, water and environmental regulation. He then spent 7 years at the LSE in various capacities: he obtained an MSc in Philosophy & Public Policy from the Department of Philosophy (2012–13); he was a Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Stern at the Grantham Research Institute (2014–15); and completed an MRes in political science and PhD in political theory in the Department of Government (2015–19). From 2019–21, Fergus was a postdoctoral Researcher on the Fair Limits Project at the Ethics Institute, Utrecht University.

Research Interests

  • Green New Deal-style policy programmes (and the politics thereof)
  • The politics, governance and philosophy of a “just transition”
  • Supply-side climate policy and “anti-fossil fuel” politics
  • Domestic climate change policy in China, the UK and Australia
  • Environmental and climate justice/ethics
  • Various topics in political theory and the philosophy of economics and public policy.


Research - 2021

This analysis explores schemes for the monitoring, reporting and verification of fossil fuels, and points to a hybrid fossil fuel-based accountability framework that accounts for infrastructure and production volumes. Such transparency would provide opportunities for democratic oversight of climate governance efforts and channels to hold states accountable for their climate performance. Read more

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