Chunping is a Policy Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment leading a programme to inform decision-making about China’s policies on climate change, energy, economics and development.


Chunping is an energy economist with experience in China’s energy policy and development, the global energy markets and energy security, the economics of energy storage, and sustainable transition. Before joining the Grantham Institute she worked at Energy Systems and Policy Analysis Group, Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES), with an especial emphasis on developing techno-economic models for analysing the value of energy storage. Before that she worked at King’s College London, looking at the global natural gas market and energy security. She holds an MSc and a PhD in Energy Economics, and has experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams.

Research interests

  • Growth and Innovation
  • Policy Design and Evaluation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Energy Transition towards a Low-carbon Future


Research - 2022

Research - 2021

This paper discusses major action areas for China's 14th Five-Year Plan after COVID-19, especially focusing on three aspects: the energy transition, a new type of sustainable urban development, and investment priorities. Read more

Research - 2020

Research - 2019


Policy - 2022

Policy - 2021

Policy - 2020

This paper examines the role of investment in physical, human, natural and social capital in the new phase of growth China is entering. It provides the beginnings of an analytical framework for key elements of this new growth story, examining how a focus on the four types of capital can help deliver prosperity through China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and Belt and Road Initiative. Read more

The first of two papers that offer an outline of strategies and policies for an innovative, sustainable and low-carbon approach to China’s development, this paper offers an approach that could spell out a new development strategy for the country as the 21st century progresses, to inform decision-making for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Read more


News - 2022

China faces a golden opportunity to strengthen its climate leadership internationally in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable finance and innovation. Having already made important steps towards its climate goals domestically, the time is right for China to look globally, argues a new paper by leading policy advisors.  Read more

News - 2021

In this editorial article for China Daily Nicholas Stern and Xie Chunping assess the importance of the joint declaration by China and the United States of their determination to work together to tackle climate change. The declaration was made during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. Read more

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