Fergus Green

Former Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Stern

Fergus Green is a researcher and climate policy consultant based at the London School of Economics & Political Science. From January 2014 to October 2015, Fergus was a Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Stern at the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment and Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy. In that role he was primarily responsible for providing academic and policy-related research assistance and advice to Professor Stern. He was also a Policy Analyst within the Institute’s Policy Team, working on projects relating to international climate cooperation, climate policy in China, and various theoretical topics concerning climate change mitigation policy. Fergus is currently an MRes/PhD candidate in Political Science in the LSE Department of Government and he remains actively involved with the Institute.


Fergus began his career as a lawyer in the Melbourne office of Australasian firm Allens Arthur Robinson (now Allens-Linklaters) from February 2009 to June 2012, where he specialised in climate change, energy, water and environmental regulation. During this period, Fergus also engaged in Australia’s climate and energy policy debate as an independent commentator, writing for Australia’s Lowy Institute for International Policy and for a wide range of print and online media. He was a Fellow (2010), Director and Chairman (2011–12) of the not-for-profit Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

Fergus moved to London in September 2012 to undertake graduate study after receiving a Sir John Monash Scholarship. He completed an MSc in Philosophy & Public Policy with distinction at the LSE, receiving the Andrea Mannu Prize. He also holds a BA (Political Science) and a Bachelor of Laws with first class honours from the University of Melbourne.

In 2013 Fergus was a research assistant in the LSE’s Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method and throughout the 2013/14 academic year he was a Teaching Fellow in the Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy at SOAS, where he taught Global Energy & Climate Policy at masters level.


Research Interests

  • Global climate change governance and international cooperation;
  • Climate change policy in China, the UK and Australia;
  • The role of government in fostering structural economic change;
  • Ideal vs non-ideal (first vs second best) approaches to climate policy;
  • The regulation of fossil fuels / “Unburnable Carbon”;
  • Various topics in political theory, ethics, and the philosophy of economics and public policy:
    • Climate change ethics;
    • The ethics of policy transition (compensation, exemptions, grandfathering);
    • Liberal vs non-liberal and welfarist vs non-welfarist approaches to climate change;
    • Republican political theory, citizenship and democracy;
    • Social/political norms.


Working paper  13 July, 2015

Nationally Self-Interested Climate Change Mitigation: A Unified Conceptual Framework

This paper finds that the vast majority of emissions cuts needed to decarbonise the global economy this century can lead to domestic economic benefits that outweigh the costs for individual countries, even before the avoided risks of dangerous climate change are taken into account. read more »

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Policy paper  31 August, 2015

The road to Paris and beyond

This paper shows that effective international cooperation can help the world develop along a 2°C pathway and adapt to the climatic changes already locked-in as a result of past and ongoing greenhouse gas emissions. read more »

Policy report  8 June, 2015

China’s “new normal”: structural change, better growth, and peak emissions

Study shows that China has entered a new phase of economic development - continuing to promote economic growth while driving down its GHG emissions. read more »


Policy paper  19 November, 2014

Innovation, risk and government: perspectives and principles from the social sciences

The interplay between innovation and risk, and the social interactions between public and private sectors, are critical in fostering innovation and determining its effectiveness. read more »

Policy paper  30 October, 2014

“This time is different”: The prospects for an effective climate agreement in Paris 2015

COP21, to be held in Paris at the end of 2015, presents an important opportunity for governments to negotiate a new international climate agreement. A question of central importance to preparations for COP21 is: what sort of policy architecture is most likely to generate sufficiently ambitious action to reduce global emissions? read more »

Policy paper  14 May, 2014

China: a critical decade

China’s consumption of coal could reach a peak by 2020, or even earlier, as part of its plans to pursue more sustainable economic growth. The policy paper by Fergus Green … read more »

Policy paper  18 March, 2014

Walking alone? How the UK's carbon targets compare with its competitors'

The UK Government is reviewing the fourth carbon budget for the period  2023-27. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the budget, which was originally legislated in … read more »

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DIALOGUE: Will China’s coal consumption and CO2 emissions continue to fall?

Fergus Green, from the Grantham Research Institute and other leading China energy experts discuss whether China's coal consumption and CO2 emissions will continue to fall. read more »


Herbst in Paris
Commentary  16 December, 2014

Towards agreement in Paris 2015: Why domestic issues matter more than international law

As the climate change negotiations at COP20 in Lima come to a close, the question of whether the new climate agreement being negotiated should be “internationally legally binding” remains an unresolved point of controversy. read more »

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Australia's carbon price repeal: the global context

With the repeal today of Australia's two-year-old carbon pricing scheme, the Abbott Government has formalised Australia's transition from climate laggard to climate wrecker. But just how serious a blow to global climate efforts is this repeal? read more »

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Public Lectures 10 Nov 2015

European climate leadership and COP21 - assessing EU relations with China and India

This panel discussion event will reflect on the role of the EU, China, and India in global climate negotiations. read more »

Public Lectures 23 Jun 2015

Public lecture | International cooperation and climate change

Dr Alina Averchenkova, Prof John Broome, Prof Robyn Eckersley and Fergus Green discuss why the international community been faltering on effective climate action and how we can break through the collective-action impasse. read more »

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