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The management of multilateral negotiations: lessons from UN climate negotiations

a policy paper by Kai Monheim  25 February, 2015

The 2009 Conference of Parties (COP 15) in Copenhagen, which aimed to deliver a first-ever comprehensive global climate deal, ended without agreement in part because of poor management … read more »

Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction

Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction

a policy report by Stefania Lovo, Mintewab Bezabih  26 January, 2015

Since developing countries typically have large agricultural sectors, the implementation of green agricultural policies can play a key role in helping shift to low-carbon economies. However, the challenge … read more »

Submission to inquiry on ‘Environmental risks of fracking’ by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

Submission to inquiry on ‘Environmental risks of fracking’ by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

a policy paper by Samuela Bassi, Samuel Fankhauser, Bob Ward, Dimitri Zenghelis, Neil Hirst  20 December, 2014

This is a submission by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at London School of Economics and … read more »


How to price carbon in good times… and bad

a policy report by Baran Doda  12 December, 2014

Responsive cap-and-trade systems and carbon taxes can improve climate change policy by allowing higher greenhouse gas emissions during times of economic expansions and lower emissions during recessions. read more »


Taming the beasts of ‘burden-sharing’: an analysis of equitable mitigation actions and approaches to 2030 mitigation pledges

a policy paper by Alina Averchenkova, Nicholas Stern, Dimitri Zenghelis  11 December, 2014

Countries are now seeking to reach a new international agreement on climate change, to be signed in Paris in December 2015. A key element of the international negotiations … read more »


Growth, climate and collaboration: towards agreement in Paris 2015

a policy paper by Nicholas Stern  8 December, 2014

Paper explores 4 key elements on which an agreeement at the COP21 – Paris 2015 Climate Change talks could be based read more »

Bridging the REDD+ Finance Gap

Bridging the REDD+ Finance Gap

a policy report by Luca Taschini  26 November, 2014

Ruben Lubowski, Alexander Golub, Rowan Parkhouse and Luca Taschini (2014) Chapter in ‘IETA GHG Market Report 2014′. External link to report (PDF)


Path dependence, innovation and the economics of climate change

a policy report by Philippe Aghion, Cameron Hepburn, Alexander Teytelboym, Dimitri Zenghelis  24 November, 2014

Shifting our fossil-fuelled civilisation to clean modes of production and consumption requires deep transformations in our energy and economic systems read more »


Innovation, risk and government: perspectives and principles from the social sciences

a policy paper by Nicholas Stern, Fergus Green, Rodney Boyd, Reuben Finighan  19 November, 2014

The interplay between innovation and risk, and the social interactions between public and private sectors, are critical in fostering innovation and determining its effectiveness. read more »

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