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The impact of energy prices on socioeconomic and environmental performance: Evidence from French manufacturing establishments, 1997–2015

a working paper by Giovanni Marin, Francesco Vona  17 December, 2019

In evaluating the responses of French manufacturing firms to large increases in energy prices, which the authors use as a proxy for stringent environmental policy, they find that costs in terms of job losses and competitiveness are smaller by an order of magnitude than the benefits in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. read more »

How developed countries can learn from developing countries to tackle climate change

a research article by Stefano Carattini, Greer Gosnell, Alessandro Tavoni  16 December, 2019

Climate change and global poverty are the most pressing issues of this century. If insufficiently addressed, climate change will exacerbate poverty and inequality within and across nations. Addressing it requires … read more »

National-to-local aid and recovery from extreme weather events: evidence from the Philippines

a research article by Michael Abrigo, Arlan Brucal  12 December, 2019

This paper examines the link between extreme weather events and national aid and transfers in the Philippines between 1992 and 2015. Findings show that the national government allocates more national … read more »

Characterising the water-energy-food nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf region

Characterising the water-energy-food nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf region

a research article by Christian Siderius, Declan Conway  12 December, 2019

Economic challenges as a result of the recent fluctuations in oil prices have exposed unprecedented risks to Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, including securing long-term sustainable … read more »

Monitoring and punishment networks in an experimental common pool resource dilemma

Monitoring and punishment networks in an experimental common pool resource dilemma

a research article by Ganga Shreedhar, Alessandro Tavoni, Carmen Marchiori  10 December, 2019

With the aid of a lab experiment, we explored how imperfect monitoring and punishment networks impacted appropriation, punishment and beliefs in a common pool resource appropriation dilemma. We studied the … read more »

Inequality aversion and the environment

Inequality aversion and the environment

a working paper by Frank Venmans, Ben Groom  18 November, 2019

In this paper the authors provide experimental evidence to illustrate that aversion to environmental inequality is as pronounced as aversion to income inequality and varies across different types of environmental quality. read more »

Swenja Surminski

Understanding decisions and disasters: A retrospective analysis of Hurricane Sandy’s ‘focusing power’ on climate change adaptation policy in New York City

a working paper by Samantha McCraine, Swenja Surminski  18 November, 2019

Disasters such as hurricanes can open a window of opportunity when these act as ‘focusing events’ on the policy agenda. This paper explores the ‘focusing power’ of Hurricane Sandy in the context of New York City during 2012 and beyond. read more »

Integrating social protection and climate change adaptation: A review

a research article by Janna Tenzing  11 November, 2019

Policymakers are increasingly interested in how social protection is evolving in the context of climate change. This review assesses what the literature tells us about its role in facilitating adaptation … read more »

Linking permit markets multilaterally

Linking permit markets multilaterally

a research article by Baran Doda, Simon Quemin, Luca Taschini  1 November, 2019

We formally study the determinants, magnitude and distribution of efficiency gains generated in multilateral linkages between permit markets. We provide two novel decomposition results for these gains, characterize individual preferences … read more »

Adding fuel to fire? Social spillovers in the adoption of LPG in India

a research article by Suchita Srinivasan, Stefano Carattini  29 October, 2019

This paper focuses on the Indian context and investigates, over a relatively long time-frame, whether social spillover effects might have played a role in a household’s decision to use LPG, and how these effects varied across different sub-populations. read more »