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(Not so) Gently down the stream: river pollution and health in Indonesia

(Not so) Gently down the stream: river pollution and health in Indonesia

a working paper by Teevrat Garg, Stuart Hamilton, Jacob Hochard, Evan Plous, John Talbot  6 April, 2016

Waterborne diseases are the leading cause of mortality in developing countries. We emphasize a previously ignored cause of diarrhea – upstream river bathing. Using newly constructed data on upstream-downstream hydrological … read more »


Losing the environment: the endowment effect and environmental discounting

a working paper by Simon Dietz, Frank Venmans  5 April, 2016

It has recently been shown that, when discounting future improvements in the environment, relative prices matter. However, we argue relative prices are not the whole story. Not only is the … read more »

Stock Market at China Securities in Beijing, China, August 24, 2015

‘Climate value at risk’ of global financial assets

a research article by Simon Dietz, Alex Bowen, Charlie Dixon, Philip Gradwell  4 April, 2016

Investors and financial regulators are increasingly aware of climate change risks. So far, most of the attention has fallen on whether controls on carbon emissions will strand the … read more »

Swenja Surminski

You never adapt alone – the role of Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in addressing urban climate risks

a working paper by Swenja Surminski, Hayley Leck  24 March, 2016

While multi-sectoral partnerships (MSPs) now form an increasingly popular and important part of the global climate and disaster risk governance landscape, particularly in urban areas, literature offers little critical investigation … read more »


How insurance can support climate resilience

a research article by Swenja Surminski  24 March, 2016

Insurance is gaining importance in and beyond the climate negotiations and offers many opportunities to improve climate risk management in developing countries. However, some caution is needed, if current momentum … read more »


Climate policy confidence indicator: final report to CCCEP

a working paper by Will McDowall, Dimitri Zenghelis, Paul Drummond  17 March, 2016

The CCCEP Policy Innovation fund supported a project to explore the feasibility and perceived usefulness of an indicator of confidence in climate change policies. This final report presents the analysis … read more »


Do tax incentives for research increase firm innovation? An RD design for R&D

a working paper by Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Elias Einiö, Ralf Martin, Kieu-Trang Nguyen, John Van Reenen  17 March, 2016

We present the first evidence showing causal impact of research and development (R&D) tax incentives on innovation outcomes. We exploit a change in the asset-based size thresholds for eligibility for … read more »

The risk of climate ruin

The risk of climate ruin

a working paper by Oliver Bettis, Simon Dietz, Nick Silver  17 March, 2016

How large a risk is society prepared to run with the climate system? This is a question of the utmost difficulty and it admits a variety of perspectives. In this … read more »

Michael Spackman

Appropriate time discounting in the public sector

a working paper by Michael Spackman  14 March, 2016

A substantial literature of social discounting has now extended over more than 50 years, but practical approaches in developed economies and international bodies continue to vary widely. This is sometimes … read more »


Climate stories: Why do climate scientists and sceptical voices participate in the climate debate?

a research article by Amelia Sharman, Candice Howarth  11 March, 2016

Public perceptions of the climate debate predominantly frame the key actors as climate scientists versus sceptical voices; however, it is unclear why climate scientists and sceptical voices choose to participate … read more »

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