Visiting researchers

Research topic
  • Growth and innovation

  • Frank Venmans

    Visiting Fellow


    Frank has a Master in Bio-engineering from the University of Ghent and an MSc in Economics and Management from the University of Mons (Belgium). He is a teaching assistant at the Finance Department of the University of Mons since 2009 and was a Visiting Research Student at the LSE in 2013-2014. Conducting a multi-criteria analysis of the EU Emission Trading Scheme, he finished his PhD in 2013.

    Research interests

    • Economic impacts of the EU ETS
    • Compliance in the EU ETS
    • Optimal abatement with reference-dependent preferences (habit formation)
    • Option value related to postponing and accelerating climate policy
    Working paper  8 November, 2017

    Cumulative carbon emissions and economic policy: in search of general principles

    The authors of this paper have built a model of economically-efficient carbon dioxide emissions, which provides solutions for economically optimal peak warming of the planet, optimal emissions along the transition to peak warming, and optimal carbon prices, including under a temperature constraint consistent with the Paris Agreement. read more »


    Working paper  5 August, 2016

    The endowment effect and environmental discounting

    There is a considerable body of evidence from behavioural economics and contingent valuation showing that our preferences exhibit both reference dependence and loss aversion, a.k.a. the endowment effect. In this … read more »

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