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This research programme sets out a research agenda to understand better the link between environmental protection, growth and development. Its aim is to strengthen the analytical and empirical underpinnings of the ‘green growth’ concept in relation to both developing and developed countries.

This research programme is generously supported by the Global Green Growth Institute, a treaty-based international organisation, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

Research topics

Related publications


The effect of environmental decentralization on polluting industries in India| (PDF, 554KB)
Stefania Lovo. January 2014


Safeguarding development aid against climate change: evaluating progress and identifying best practice| (PDF, 927KB)
Nicola Ranger, Alex Harvey and Su-Lin Garbett-Shiels. November 2013

Effects of carbon taxes in an economy with large informal sector and rural-urban migration| (PDF, 729KB)
Karlygash Kuralbayeva. November 2013

Understanding the adaptation deficit: why are poor countries more vulnerable to climate events than rich countries?| (PDF, 440KB)                                                        Samuel Fankhauser and Thomas K.J. McDermott. September 2013.

Tenure insecurity and investment in soil conservation. Evidence from Malawi| (PDF, 393KB)
Stefania Lovo. May 2013.  

Incorporating climate change and growth into the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction| (PDF, 822 KB)
Nicola Ranger and Susannah Fisher. April 2013.

Disasters risk management in post-2015 development goals: potential targets and indicators| 
Overseas Development Institute: including contributing authors, Nicola Ranger and Swenja Surminski. April 2013.

Fast-tracking “green” patent applications: an empirical analysis| (PDF, 773KB)Antoine Dechezleprêtre. March 2013. Read the abstract|


Carbon taxes, path dependency and directed technical change: evidence from the auto industry|
Philippe Aghion, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, David Hemous, Ralf Martin and John Van Reenen. December 2012. Read the abstract| 

Who will win the green race? In search of environmental competitiveness and innovation|  (PDF)
Sam Fankhauser, Alex Bowen, Raphael Calel, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, David Grover, James Rydge and Misato Sato. November 2012. Read the abstract|

Prosperity with growth: economic growth, climate change and environmental limits|
Cameron Hepburn and Alex Bowen. November 2012. Read the abstract|

Evidence on CO2 emissions and business cycles|
Baran Doda. April 2012. Read the abstract|

‘Green’ growth, ‘green’ jobs and labour markets|
Alex Bowen. April 2012. Read the abstract| 

Lead staff

Baran Doda
Roger Fouquet
Stefania Lovo
Nicola Ranger
Judith Rees


Programme lead

Alex Bowen| Photograph of Alex Bowen|