Climate Science and Response Strategies meetings

The goal is to bring together those interested in either scientific uncertainty or societal responses to climate change (or both).

To achieve it, each meeting will comprise two parts:

  • In the first (~30 mins), the group will share ideas through a round-the-table discussion of what attendees are doing/thinking.
  • In the remaining hour, the chair will give a small presentation on work in progress or someone else’s work, followed by a discussion.  

The meetings will take place on the third Thursday of the month, from 4.30-6pm, in the GRI meeting room; although please do double check dates/times below.

For any questions or to attend a meeting, please contact Alessandro Tavoni|.

Chair: Roger Fouquet|

Topic: Low carbon economy: dark age or golden age? A historical perspective

Date: Thursday, 27th March, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room 


Fergus Green|

Topic: TBC

Date: Thursday, 15th May, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room

Chair: Alec Morton

Topic: Climate science and response strategies: some personal reflections

Date: Thursday 16 May, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room

Carmen Marchiori|

Topic: TBC

Date: Thursday, 19th June, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room

Chair: Antony Millner|

Topic: Uncertainty and decision in climate change economics

Date: Thursday 20 June, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room 

Chairs: Ana Lopez| and Swenja Surminski|

Topic: UNFCCC’s loss and damage

Date: Thursday 19 September, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room

Chair: Robert Falkner|

Topic: How to build consensus in climate change negotiations

Date: Thursday 17 October, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room

Chair: Peter Sozou|

Topic: A biological basis for the social discount rate: why time-preference rates for social benefits may be lower than those for private benefits

Date: Thursday 21 November, 4.30-6pm; GRI meeting room