Private and autonomous adaptation

Part of Research Programme 4|

Topic leads: Judith Rees|, Swenja Surminski| and Salvatore Di Falco|

This research topic analyses the adaptive capacity of the private sector and individuals and their role in adaptation, with case studies from, among others, the insurance and water sectors.

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Research issues include:

  1. developing indicators of vulnerability/resiliency to current and future climate, including historical drivers; 
  2. developing indicators of adaptive capacity and measures of progress/success in adapting to long-term climate changes (both reducing risks and seizing opportunities);
  3. study of 'on-the-ground' barriers to adaptation today;
  4. and developing principles for 'adapting well'.

The research includes case studies at different organisation levels (national, regional, firm) and sectors.

Funding permitting, it includes empirical research and survey techniques to measure adaptive capacity at the firm and individual level.

Photograph of house in flooded area