Adaptation, growth and poverty alleviation

Part of Research Programme 4|

Topic leads: Samuel Fankhauser| and Judith Rees|

This research highlights the links between adaptation, growth and poverty alleviation in low-income countries.

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Rather than treating adaptation as a separate policy agenda, this research puts adaptation within the context of broader needs, trends and priorities. The research  highlights the realities of the potential synergies and trade-offs between adaptation, growth, human development and poverty alleviation.

Research issues include:

  1. conceptual analysis of the link between adaptation, development and growth;
  2. on-the-ground case studies, drawing on recent planning programmes (eg PPCR), and;
  3. focus on linking national and local-level actions and priorities (considering equity dimensions), and finally;
  4. evaluating the risk of large-scale changes in climate to economic growth and human development (incorporating important feedbacks, such as ecosystem damages and effects of biofuels on food prices).
Photograph of Vietnamese farmer planting seeds