Florence Crick

Research Officer

Florence joined the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in March 2013. Her work will focus on climate change adaptation, including the role of the private sector in adaptation.


Florence holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Oxford, UK.

Prior to joining LSE, she spent three years as a Research Fellow at Griffith University, Australia. She has also worked at the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), Australia, and at the OECD in Paris.

Research interests

  • Adaptation to climate change at local, national and international levels;
  • Social and institutional dimensions of climate change adaptation in rural and urban settings;
  • Community-focused research on livelihoods, vulnerability, resilience and adaptation in developing and developed country contexts;
  • Disaster risk management.


Working paper  16 December, 2016

Enabling private sector adaptation in developing countries and their semi-arid regions – case studies of Senegal and Kenya

Climate change poses increasing risks to economic growth and development efforts across the world. Semi-arid regions (SARs) are one of the hotpots that have been identified by the Intergovernmental Panel … read more »

Working paper  9 June, 2016

Strengthening insurance partnerships in the face of climate change – insights from an agent-based model of flood insurance in the UK

This paper investigates how partnerships can incentivise flood risk reduction by focusing on the UK public-private partnership on flood insurance. read more »

Research article  19 May, 2016

Multinational and large national corporations and climate adaptation: are we asking the right questions? A review of current knowledge and a new research perspective

Adapting to climate change requires the engagement of all actors in society. Until recently, the predominant research focus has been on governments, communities, and the third sector as key actors … read more »

Working paper  8 February, 2016

Assessing surface water flood risk and management strategies under future climate change: an agent-based model approach

Flooding is the costliest natural disaster worldwide. In the UK flooding is listed as a major risk on the National Risk Register with surface water flooding the most likely cause … read more »


Working paper  30 March, 2015

Novel and improved insurance instruments for risk reduction

In the context of natural disaster insurance and risk reduction this paper looks at how to assess existing insurance offerings and how to design new schemes. read more »

Working paper  11 March, 2015

Multinational corporations and climate adaptation – Are we asking the right questions? A review of current knowledge and a new research perspective

Adapting to climate change requires the engagement of all actors in society. Until recently, predominant research focus has been on governments, communities and the third sector as key actors in … read more »

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Policy paper  1 August, 2013

Response to public consultation on ‘Securing the future availability and affordability of home insurance in areas of flood risk’

Flooding is the biggest natural disaster risk in England. Flood risk is expected to increase due to climate change and continued development of floodplains for residential and commercial property, which increases the exposure of homes and businesses. Addressing the causes and consequences of flooding is very important and we welcome the recent efforts by the Government and the insurance industry to reform the approach to flood insurance in England. read more »

Policy paper  1 July, 2013

Response to European Commission's green paper on the insurance of natural and man-made disasters

of key points Insurance is one tool amongst others in a holistic natural disaster risk management strategy. Risk transfer alone, without consideration of risk reduction efforts, is not a … read more »

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Commentary  6 July, 2016

Strengthening the UK’s flood insurance partnership in the face of rising risks: what role for property developers?

Florence Crick and Swenja Surminski outline ways in which property developers could help reduce flood insurance premiums. read more »


In the news  13 October, 2015

Where do multinationals fit in global efforts to adapt to climate change?

Is there a role for the private sector in improving climate resilience? Alina Averchenkova and Florence Crick relfect on recent research carried out by the Institute in this LSE Business Review Blog. read more »

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