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Sustainable development

Researchers in this group focus on the practical challenges of implementing and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly around the synergies and trade-offs between them.

Following broad international agreement on the SDGs and the Paris Agreement on climate change, consensus has formed around a new development agenda that recognises the interdependent nature of development: simply that economic growth, development and poverty reduction is are all linked and necessary for addressing global and local environmental challenges.

Members of this research group explore some of the most crucial aspects of delivery on this agenda, including climate-resilient development, the management of ecosystems, water and other natural resources, decision-making in uncertain circumstances, and the political economy of climate policy.


Climate information needs in Southern Africa: a review

There are currently challenges to generating climate services relating both to the supply of climate science and its application. This paper from the UMFULA project reviews the current availability of climate information in Southern Africa and assesses the requirements of a variety of end users in the region, highlighting the importance of creating user-tailored climate services. read more »


‘The Australian’ promotes Bjorn Lomborg’s lukewarmer propaganda

‘The Australian’ promotes Bjorn Lomborg’s lukewarmer propaganda

A new article in ‘The Australian’ exposes once again the hypocrisy of the newspaper’s editor, John Lehmann, and the shameless myth-making about climate change carried out by Dr Bjorn Lomborg. … read more »