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Growth and Innovation

The Growth and Innovation research group explores the potential for green growth and its many benefits in terms of cleaner, more efficient economies.

Clean growth is the only realistic pathway to meeting the aspirations of the Paris Agreement, with bold and transformative steps needed to move the global economy onto a sustainable path.

Researchers from this group explore the role of green innovation and the dynamic cycle of investment and growth it could unleash in the context of cities, energy technologies and integrated assessment models. They look back in history to see what we can learn from previous energy transitions and economic transformations.


China’s 14th Plan, sustainable development and the new era

China’s 14th Plan, sustainable development and the new era

Isabella Neuweg and Nick Stern describe the systemic reforms that could foster the investments in physical, human, natural and social capital that will drive forward China’s new era of high-quality, sustainable and inclusive growth and development. At the same time China can provide great support for its partner countries in the Belt and Road as they seek sustainable and inclusive development. read more »