Shaikh Eskander

Research Officer

Shaikh joined the Grantham Institute in July 2015 after completing his PhD from the University of Wyoming. His research focuses on environment and development economics issues such as impacts of extreme climatic events, adaptation mechanisms, natural resources management and conservation and cross-border sharing of natural resources. At GRI, Shaikh primarily contributes to the PRISE project.


Working paper  9 November, 2017

How do African SMEs respond to climate risks? Evidence from Kenya and Senegal

This paper investigates the extent to which, and how, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in poor countries are adapting to climate risks, finding that the ability of firms to respond depends on factors that can be shaped through policy intervention. read more »

Research article  6 February, 2017

Tenure security, human capital and soil conservation in an overlapping generation rural economy

We develop an overlapping generation model of rural agricultural households to examine whether tenure security and subsistence needs influence the choice between unexploited topsoil and investment in children’s human … read more »

Research article  6 January, 2017

Do natural disasters change savings and employment choices? Evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan

Shaikh M.S.U. Eskander, Samuel Fankhauser, and Shikha Jha ADB Economics Working Paper Series, December 2016


Working paper  12 May, 2016

Adaptation to natural disasters through the agricultural land rental market: evidence from Bangladesh

This paper examines the effects of natural disasters on agricultural households who make rent-in or rent-out transactions in the land rental market, using data from Bangladesh. read more »

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