Daire McCoy

Research Officer

Daire McCoy is a Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. He joined the institute in November 2016. His research in mainly empirical in nature and involves the use of randomised-controlled trials and analysis of secondary data to examine a range of issues related to de-carbonisation and the reduction of energy consumption. This work involves collaboration with industry and government. Current topics include longer term impacts of energy efficiency upgrades; technology adoption amongst households; fuel poverty; and policy design and evaluation.


Daire holds a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, a BSc in Statistics and a Master’s degree in Economics, both from University College Dublin. Prior to joining the LSE, Daire worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin, Ireland. He has collaborated extensively with academics from other disciplines, industry, government and the charity sector. During his PhD he was a member of the SFI Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems (SEES) cluster, a collaboration between engineers, economists and mathematicians, with significant industry and government involvement. During his post-doc he was affiliated with the SFI Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI) Centre, a cluster of key academic and industrial partners dedicated to solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges related to marine renewable energy.

Research Interests

  • Energy and Environmental Economics;
  • Energy Efficiency;
  • Applied Econometrics.
Research article  15 January, 2018

The impact of broadband and other infrastructure on the location of new business establishments

This paper analyzes the impact of broadband infrastructure, along with a range of other local characteristics such as motorways and other infrastructure, availability of human capital, and access to … read more »

Research article  6 January, 2018

Exploring the spatial and temporal determinants of gas central heating adoption

In order to better understand the potential for both policy and technological improvements to aid carbon abatement, long-term historical information on the time-path of transition from more traditional to … read more »


Working paper  18 December, 2017

Exploring the spatial and temporal determinants of gas central heating adoption

This research examines adoption of gas as a heating fuel in Ireland. The researchers provide an analysis that simulates gas network expansions yet to be undertaken and the potential impact of these on uptake of gas and the associated changes in CO2 emissions. read more »

Research article  10 December, 2017

Corporate tax and location choice for multinational firms

This article examines the effects of corporate tax on these location decisions of newly established multinational subsidiaries across 26 European countries over an 8-year period. We contribute to the … read more »

Working paper  1 November, 2017

The impact of broadband and other infrastructure on the location of new business establishments

Using a unique dataset of broadband roll-out over time in different locations in Ireland, McCoy et al. examine how broadband networks and other local factors affect the location decisions of new firms. read more »

Working paper  28 September, 2017

The effects of home energy efficiency upgrades on social housing tenants: evidence from Ireland

This research examines the impact of a home energy efficiency upgrade programme on social housing tenants, drawing from a sample from a large home energy efficiency programme in Ireland, the SEAI Better Energy Communities Scheme. read more »

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 9 January, 2018

Consultation response: ‘Building a market for energy efficiency’

This paper provides responses to selected questions in the UK government's call for evidence on 'Building a market for energy efficiency'. read more »


 22 November, 2017

Consultation response: ‘Call for evidence on the reform of the Green Deal Framework’

This is a submission in response to a call for evidence on the reform of the Green Deal framework. The Green Deal was the UK’s flagship programme to improve energy efficiency of the building stock. read more »

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terrace houses
Commentary  4 October, 2017

Heating homes: do energy saving measures reduce energy consumption in social housing?

Energy bills are at the top of the political agenda in the UK. In the short term, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption will reduce energy bills – but how effectively do current energy efficiency policies incentivise cuts in energy use? read more »

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