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Well-being dynamics and poverty traps

a working paper by Christopher Barrett, Teevrat Garg, Linden McBride 17 days ago

This paper reviews the theoretical and empirical evidence on single and multiple equilibria poverty traps at the macro, meso, and, especially, micro levels. read more »

Robustness of norm-driven cooperation in the commons

Robustness of norm-driven cooperation in the commons

a research article by Alessandro Tavoni about 1 month ago

We assess the robustness of cooperation to environmental variability in a stylized model of a community that harvests a shared resource. read more »


Asymmetric industrial energy prices and international trade

a research article by Misato Sato, Antoine Dechezleprêtre about 1 month ago

This paper measures the response of bilateral trade flows to differences in industrial energy prices across countries. Using a rich panel dataset with 42 countries, 62 manufacturing sectors over 16 … read more »


Rights to the forest, REDD+ and elections: Mining in Guyana

a research article by Tim Laing about 2 months ago

This paper examines the impact of electoral cycles and the introduction of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) policy upon the holding of small-scale mining property rights in Guyana. … read more »


Invention and diffusion of water supply and water efficiency technologies: insights from a global patent dataset

a research article by Declan Conway, Antoine Dechezleprêtre about 2 months ago

This paper identifies over 50,000 patents filed worldwide in various water-related technologies between 1990 and 2010, distinguishing between those related to availability (supply) and conservation (demand) technologies. Patenting activity is … read more »

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Beyond the targets: assessing the political credibility of pledges for the Paris Agreement

a policy report by Alina Averchenkova, Samuela Bassi 6 days ago

This report provides the results of an analysis of “intended nationally determined contributions”, or INDCs, that were submitted by countries ahead of the Paris Agreement on climate change. read more »

‘Green growth’ and the new Industrial Revolution

‘Green growth’ and the new Industrial Revolution

a policy report by Alex Bowen, Chris Duffy, Samuel Fankhauser 11 days ago

This policy brief summarises the main policy implications of a two-year research programme, sponsored by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), which aimed to contribute to the growing evidence base on green growth. read more »

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

a policy paper by Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin, Samuela Bassi 20 days ago

New clean technologies are urgently required to meet long-term global climate goals. Simulating the development of these technologies has become worldwide policy priority. This policy brief uses the … read more »


The competitiveness impact of a UK carbon price: what do the data say?

a policy paper by David Grover, Ganga Shreedhar, Dimitri Zenghelis 27 days ago

This paper explores the potential impact of a uniform £20 per tonne carbon price on fuels and production costs across all 106 industries that comprise the UK economy. read more »


Letter to Congressman Lamar Smith in regard to the testimony given by Dr Bjorn Lomborg to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

a policy paper by Bob Ward about 2 months ago

Lettter from Bob Ward, Policy and Communications Director of the Institute, raises concerns about “inaccurate and misleading claims” in the testimony submitted by Dr Bjorn Lomborg to the House of … read more »

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Unearthing toxic waste dumping in the Horn of Africa

an announcement featuring Caterina Gennaioli yesterday

In this seminar, Caterina Gennaioli uses extensive data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and GPS data to analyse the relationship between recently-built roads and the health status of households. read more »


A breakthrough in Paris

a commentary by Dimitri Zenghelis 2 days ago

The deal reached in Paris at the end of last year was a remarkable outcome. This is not because of the ambition associated with national pledges. These remain voluntary and … read more »


Fans of fossil fuels offer Africa an unfair choice

Commentary 2 days ago

A handful of campaigners who promote the use of fossil fuels are using newspaper articles to offer a deeply unfair choice to people living in the poorest countries of the … read more »


G20 and other countries should increase the credibility of their pledges on greenhouse gas emissions

Press release 6 days ago

Countries, including members of the G20, should strengthen the credibility of their pledges on emissions in order to build confidence in the Paris Agreement according to analysis by the Institute. read more »


Davos 2016: First steps along the road from Paris

a commentary by Nicholas Stern 10 days ago

Nicholas Stern reflects on how the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos represented the first step on the way to implementing the Paris Agreement. read more »

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