Vonda Brunsting

Policy publications  14 March, 2019

El cambio climático y la transición justa: Guía para la toma de decisiones de los inversores

En esta guía se indica cómo los inversores pueden alcanzar el objetivo de una transición justa en el marco de sus prácticas operativas fundamentales. (Spanish translation of ‘Climate change and the just transition: A guide for investor action’.) read more »

Policy publications  14 March, 2019

Changement climatique et transition juste: Guide pour orienter l’action des investisseurs

Ce guide présente les leviers d’action dont disposent les investisseurs en vue de poursuivre l’objectif d’une transition juste dans le cadre de leurs pratiques opérationnelles. (French translation of 'Climate change and the just transition: A guide for investor action'.) read more »


Policy publications  6 December, 2018

Climate change and the just transition - A guide for investor action

A ‘just transition’ for workers and communities as the world’s economy responds to climate change was included within the Paris Agreement. This guide sets out how investors can address the social dimension of climate change and pursue the goal of a just transition as part of their core operating practices. read more »

Policy publications  1 June, 2018

Investing in a just transition: Why investors need to integrate a social dimension into their climate strategies and how they could take action

This discussion paper explores why investors should contribute to the ‘just transition’ as the world’s economy decarbonises, and how they can do so. It is the first output of the … read more »

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Commentary  4 October, 2018

Financing the transition: how investors can help make climate action inclusive

Partners from the Investing in a Just Transition project explain the arguments for an equitable low-carbon transition and report on important progress that is being made. read more »

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