LSE Philosophy hosted The Eighth Workshop in Decisions, Games and Logic (DGL) 17-19 June 2015.

The DGL workshop series aims to bring together graduate students, post-docs and researchers from philosophy, economics and logic working on formal approaches to rational individual and interactive decision making.

This year’s event comprised three tutorial sessions delivered by Arif Ahmed (Cambridge) on causal vs. evidential decision theory, Robert Stalnaker (MIT) on the epistemic and decision-theoretic foundation for game theory and David Makinson (LSE) on probability logic.

Each tutorial was supplemented by a keynote speaker, Christian List (LSE) presented recent work on judgement aggregation, J McKenzie Alexander (LSE) on evolutionary game theory and Francesca Toni (Imperial) on argumentation frameworks for decision-making.

Finally, the conference offered a medium for 10 graduate speakers to present their research as well as for an extra five graduate students to share their current research interests during a poster session.

As you can see from the photos, the event was a great success with lively debates extending over the conference dinners and in the coffee breaks. Plans are being devised for the organisation of the 9th edition in 2016.

Full details can be found on the conference website.