LastnameFirstnameYearPlacedPlaced PositionCurrentCurrent PositionThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
WillsJames2023Pembroke College OxfordDepartmental Lecturer in PhilosophyPolicy Monitor Ltd Software Developer Identity and Indistinguishability in Thermal Physics Bryan RobertsRoman Frigg
BeigangFabian2023Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustData ScientistNorthumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustSenior Data ScientistCausal Models and Algorithmic FairnessRichard BradleyChristian List and
Liam Kofi Bright
KikkertSophie2023Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities "Human Abilities", Berlin (Germany)FellowCentre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities "Human Abilities", Berlin (Germany)FellowRobust Abilities: Semantics, Social Norms, and (Self-)knowledge Anna MahtaniChristian List
WhiteleyCecily2022University of CambridgeIsaac Newton Trust Academic Career Development FellowUniversity of St AndrewsAssistant ProfessorKinds and Classification in Consciousness ScienceJonathan BirchChristian List
MakinsNick2021King's College, LondonLecturer in PhilosophyUniversity of Leeds, Department of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science.British Academy Postdoctoral FellowEssays on Moral Doubt, Meta-ethics, and ChoiceRichard BradleyCampbell Brown
CôtéNicolas2021University of Toronto, Department of PhilosophyPostdoctoral FellowUniversity of Glasgow, Department of PhilosophyLecturer in Applied EthicsMeasuring Freedom, and its ValueAlex VoorhoeveCampbell Brown
EastonChristina2020LSELSE FellowUniversity of WarwickBritish Academy Postdoctoral FellowLiberalism, education, and promoting 'British values' in schoolsAlex VoorhoeveLuc Bovens
RoussosJoe2020University of StockholmPostdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of StockholmPostdoctoral ResearcherPolicymaking under scientific uncertaintyRoman FriggRichard Bradley
de CansonChloe2020University of GroningenAssistant ProfessorUniversity of GroningenAssistant ProfessorBeliefs about the unobservedAnna MahtaniRichard Bradley
SteuwerBastian2020Rutgers’s Center for Population-Level BioethicsPostdoctoral ResearcherAshoka UniversityAssistant Professor of Political Science One-by-one: moral theory for separate personsMike OtsukaAlex Voorhoeve
KarhuTodd2019Stanford UniversityPostdoctoral FellowYeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy & Law, King's College LondonAssistant ProfessorMatters of life and deathMike OtsukaCampbell Brown
KinneyDavid2019Santa Fe InstitutePostdoctoral FellowWashington University Assistant Professor of Philosophy The problem of granularity for scientific explanationLuc BovensJonathan Birch
van BasshuysenPhilippe2019Leibniz Universität HannoverPostdoctoral ResearcherWageningen University & Research Assistant ProfessorPhilosophical and ethical aspects of economic designLuc BovensBryan Roberts
VallinderAron2018Forethought Foundation, OxfordResearch FellowForethought Foundation, OxfordResearch FellowBayesian variations: essays on the structure, object, and dynamics of CredenceRichard BradleyAnna Mahtani
ColomboCamilla2018University of MilanPostdoctoral FellowUniversity of MilanPostdoctoral FellowThe doing/allowing distinction: causal relevance and moral significanceMike OtsukaSusanne Burri
MilanoSilvia2018University of OxfordPostdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of ExeterLecturer in PhilosophyDe se beliefs and centred uncertaintyChristian ListAnna Mahtani
OlgunDeren2017Office of Rail and RoadPrincipal EconomistStrategy&Senior ManagerAn Explanatory Account of Practical ReasonsChristian ListRichard Bradley
MarcociAlexandru2017LSEFellowUniversity of CambridgePostdoctoral ResearcherFormal explorations in collective and individual rationalityLuc BovensRichard Bradley
MarshallChristopher2017University of SheffieldUniversity TeacherUniversity of SheffieldLecturer in PhilosophyBringing about EqualityMichael OtsukaAlex Voorhoeve
WuethrichNicolas2017Roland BergerStrategy ConsultantRoland BergerSenior ConsultantRobustness, evidence, and uncertainty: an exploration of policy applications of robustness analysisRoman FriggAlex Voorhoeve
RoweThomas2017Virginia TechPostdoc in PhilosophyKing's College, LondonLecturer in PhilosophyCompeting Claims, Risk and AmbiguityAlex VoorhoeveMichael Otsuka
RadzvilasMantas2016Vilnius UniversityLecturerUniversity of KonstanzPostdoctoral Researcher and LecturerStrategic interdependence, hypothetical bargaining, and mutual advantage in non-cooperative gamesJason AlexanderRichard Bradley
FurmanKatherine2016Durham UniversityPostdoctoral Research AssociateUniversity of LiverpoolLecturer in PPE and Director of the PPE programmeAIDS Denialism in South Africa: a case study in the rationality and ethics of science policyLuc BovensKatie Steele
NguyenJames2016University of Notre DamePostdoctoral Research AssociateStockholm UniversityAssistant ProfessorHow models representRoman FriggMiklós Rédei
BeardSJ2015University of OxfordResearch FellowUniversity of CambridgeAcademic Programme Manager and Senior Research AssociatePersons and Value: a thesis in population axiologyMichael OtsukaKai Spiekermann
HimmelreichJohannes2015Humboldt University of BerlinPostdocSyracuse University Department of Public Administration and International AffairsAssistant ProfessorAgency as difference-making: causal foundations of moral responsibilityChristian ListRichard Bradley
RunhardtRosa2015Researchers in SchoolsSecondary Maths Teacher, KCL Honorary Research FellowRadboud University, NijmegenAssistant Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious StudiesCausal inquiry in the social sciences: the promise of process tracingLuc BovensKatie Steele
SeyedsayamdostHamid2014University of PittsburghVisiting Fellow--Reproducibility of empirical findings: experiments in
philosophy and beyond
Luc BovensJason Alexander
StefánssonHlynur Orri2014Collège d'études mondialesPostdocUniversity of Stockholm ProfessorDecision theory and counterfactual evaluationRichard BradleyKatie Steele
BurriSusanne2014St GallenPostdocUniversity of Constance Department of PhilosophyAssistant ProfessorA rights-based perspective on permissible harmAlex VoorhoeveLuc Bovens
DrechslerMareile2013International Organisation (World Bank)ConsultantInternational Organisation (World Bank)ConsultantRationality; decisions and large worldsRichard BradleyKatie Steele
BradleySeamus2013Munich Center for Mathematical PhilosophyPostdoctoral FellowIliad Solutions LtdProduct TechnicianDeterminism and Inaccurate ModelsRichard BradleyRoman Frigg
PetersDean2013University of JohannesburgResearch Fellow--How to be a scientific realist (if at all): A study of partial realismJohn WorrallRoman Frigg
HongHai2013Nanyang Business School; SingaporeAdjunct Professor; Department of Marketing and International Business;Nanyang Business School; SingaporeAdjunct Professor; Department of Marketing and International Business;Epistemological issues in the theory of Chinese medicine.John Worrall
FergusonBenjamin2013University of BayreuthLecturer in PhilosophyUniversity of Warwick Philosophy DepartmentAssociate ProfessorThe paradox of exploitation: A new solutionRichard BradleyAlex Voorhoeve
YasgurStuart2012NGO (Ashoka)DirectorNGO (Ashoka)DirectorReasons; rationality and preferences.Richard Bradley
SenchaudhuriEsha2012University of YorkTemporary Lectureship;CytelAssociate Director, Content MarketingA Critique of Pure Public Reason.Alex VoorhoeveChandran Kukathas
MorrettFernando2012LSEGuest Class Teacher in Philosophy--Advances on a Methodology of Design and Engineering in Economics and Politcal Science.Nancy Cartwright
ThompsonChristopher2011University of CambridgeTemporary Lecturer in PhilosophyNew Zealand Treasury; Victoria University of WellingtonPrincipal Advisor; Research Associate in PhilosophyBeyond Epistemic Democracy: The identification and pooling of information by groups of political agents.Richard BradleyChristian List
ObrechtAlice2011Think Tank: One World TrustSenior ResearcherOverseas Development Institute (ODI)Senior Research FellowGetting It Right: An account of the moral agency of NGOsAlex VoorhoeveHakan Seckinelgin
Nissan-RozenIttay2011Hebrew UniversityPostdoctoral FellowHebrew UniversitySenior Lecturer in PhilosophyDoing the Best One Can.Richard BradleyAlex Voorhoeve
FumagalliRoberto2011University of BayreuthLecturer in PhilosophyKing’s College LondonLecturer in Political EconomyPhilosophical foundations of neuroeconomics: economics and the revolutionary challenge from neuroscience.Jason AlexanderRichard Bradley
Dizadji-BahmaniFoad2011LSEFellow in PhilosophyCalifornia State University; Los AngelesAssistant Professor in PhilosophyNeo-Nagelian reduction: a statement, defence, and applicationRoman Frigg
AutzenBengt2011University of CalgaryPostdoctoral Fellow in PhilosophyUniversity of Cork, Department of PhilosophyLecturerEvidence; Probability and Evolution: Studies in the Epistemology of Molecular Phylogenetics.Roman Frigg