This book chapter discusses the role that central banks and financial supervisors (CBFSs) can play in scaling up sustainable finance and investment. Section 2 discusses the rationale for CBFSs to be actively involved in aligning finance with sustainability and in designing and implementing policies that encourage sustainable finance and investment. Section 3 discusses the specific tools and instruments that CBFSs can use to this effect, 111 and Section 4 reviews the emerging practice in EMDEs. Section 5 concludes.

Volz, U., Dikau, S., Almeida, E., & Robins, N. (2022). The role of central banks and supervisors in scaling up sustainable finance and investment in the Global South. In D. Schoenmaker and U. Volz (Ed.), Scaling Up Sustainable Finance and Investment in the Global South (pp. 109–132). London: Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) Press.

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