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  • Lutz Sager

    Research student

    Lutz is researching the interdependencies between distributional issues and environmental outcomes. He started his PhD in Environmental Economics in 2015.


    Lutz holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, as well as a BA in Economics from the University of St Gallen.

    Before commencing his PhD, Lutz worked as a strategy consultant in Paris. Previous posts include as a Carlo Schmid Fellow at the OECD and as research assistant at DIW Berlin.

    Research interests:

    • Environmental Economics
    • Public Economics
    • Consumer Choice
    • Welfare Economics & Decision Theory

    Further information

    Lutz Sager – CV


    Working paper  4 April, 2019

    The global consumer incidence of carbon pricing: evidence from trade

    This paper estimates the global distribution of the costs to consumers from carbon pricing, finding that some policies may be considered regressive for their burden on poorer consumers – but that the benefits from mitigating climate change may weaken or reverse the regressive effect. read more »


    Working paper  26 April, 2018

    Crime is in the air: the contemporaneous relationship between air pollution and crime

    Using data for London, this research finds that elevated levels of air pollution have a positive and statistically significant impact on overall crime - and therefore that improving air quality in urban areas through tighter environmental policy may provide a cost-effective way to reduce crime. read more »


    Working paper  17 November, 2017

    Income inequality and carbon consumption: evidence from environmental Engel curves

    This paper analyses the relationship between the distribution of income and the carbon dioxide content of household consumption in the US, describing a potential 'equity-pollution dilemma' and proposing a method to quantify it. read more »


    Working paper  3 October, 2016

    Estimating the effect of air pollution on road safety using atmospheric temperature

    This paper estimates the causal effect of increased ambient air pollution on the frequency of road traffic accidents in the United Kingdom between 2009 and 2014. read more »

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    In the news  19 August, 2019

    Answers to key questions about the introduction of carbon prices (In German)

    A team of economists and sustainability researchers answers the key questions around CO2 tax, emissions trading and other forms of carbon pricing. read more »

    Commentary  6 June, 2019

    Why Germany should introduce an ambitious carbon price

    Simon Dietz, Tobias Kruse, Isabella Neuweg and Lutz Sager argue that Germany should set out a clear plan for a stronger carbon price as an effective route for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can also improve the circumstances of lower-income households. read more »

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    Climate Change, Inequality & Social Policy Seminars 27 Apr 2017

    CISPS | Would income redistribution result in higher aggregate emissions?

    Would income redistribution result in higher aggregate emissions? Lutz Sager (Grantham Research Institute, LSE) Discussants: Professor Angela Druckman (Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, University of Surrey) Ian Gough, … read more »

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