Global Green Growth Institute

The Grantham Research Institute is also supported by the Global Green Growth Institute (a treaty-based international organisation, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea) through a grant for US$2.16 million (£1.35 million) to fund several research project areas from 2012 to 2014.

This grant has supported work to understand better the link between environmental protection, growth and development. Its aim is to strengthen the analytical and empirical underpinnings of the ‘green growth’ concept in relation to both developing and developed countries.

Research topics


The following publications and events have been generously supported by the Global Green Growth Institute:

‘Green growth’ and the new Industrial Revolution
Alex Bowen, Chris Duffy and Samuel Fankhauser
January 2016

Climate change policy, innovation and growth
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin and Samuela Bassi
January 2016

Carbon pricing: how best to use the revenue?
Alex Bowen
November 2015

Lessons from energy history for climate policy
Roger Fouquet
September 2015

Climate change adaptation in dynamic economies
Adriana Kocornik-Mina and Samuel Fankhauser
September 2015

Seven centuries of European economic growth and decline
Roger Fouquet and Stephen Broadberry
September 2015

Looking for green jobs: the impact of green growth on employment
Alex Bowen and Karlygash Kuralbayeva
March 2015

The human capital transition and the role of policy
Ralph Hippe and Roger Fouquet
March 2015

Why did the knowledge transition occur in the West and not in the East? ICT and the role of governments in Europe, East Asia and the Muslim world
Ralph Hippe
February 2015

Asymmetric industrial energy prices and international trade
Misato Sato and Antoine Dechezleprêtre
February 2015

The price vs quantity debate: climate policy and the role of business cycles
Anna Grodecka and Karlygash Kuralbayeva
January 2015

Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction
Stefania Lovo, Mintewab Bezabih and Gregor Singer
January 2015

How to price carbon in good times… and bad
Baran Doda
December 2014

The impacts of environmental regulations on competitiveness
Antoine Dechezleprêtre and Misato Sato
November 2014

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 30 Issue 3 AUTUMN 2014
Volume 30 Issue 3

Why is geoengineering so tempting?
Baran Doda
October 2014

Investment in second-hand capital goods and energy intensity
Stefania Lovo, Michael Gasiorek and Richard Tol
August 2014

Historical energy price shocks and their changing effects on the economy
Roger Fouquet and Dirk-Jan van de Ven
April 2014

Is it the climate or the weather? differential economic impacts of climatic factors in Ethiopia
Minte Bezabih
February 2014

The effect of environmental decentralisation on polluting industries in India
Stefania Lovo
January 2014

Safeguarding development aid against climate change: evaluating progress and identifying best practice
Nicola Ranger
November 2013

Effects of carbon taxes in an economy with large informal sector and rural-urban migration
Karlygash Kuralbayeva
November 2013

Understanding the adaptation deficit: why are poor countries more vulnerable to climate events than rich countries?
Sam Fankhauser and Tom McDermott
September 2013

Knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies: A patent citation analysis 
Antoine Dechezleprêtre
September 2013

Emissions-GDP Relationship in Times of Growth and Decline 
Baran Doda
June 2013

Social capital, climate change and soil conservation investment: panel data evidence from the Highlands of Ethiopia
Minte Bezabih
June 2013

Tenure insecurity and investment in soil conservation. Evidence from Malawi 
Stefania Lovo
May 2013

Who will win the green race? In search of environmental competitiveness and innovation
Sam Fankhauser, Alex Bowen, Antoine Dechezleprêtre
September 2012


Macroeconomics Workshop
30 September 2013

Green Growth Conference
1 October 2013

Empirical Policy Evaluation Workshop
02 October 2013

Adaptation, Green Growth and Urbanization Workshop
28-29 January 2014

The Economic History Workshop
25 March 14

Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution Conference
26 March 15

Programme Lead

Alex BowenAlex Bowen

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