Private adaptation in semi-arid lands: a tailored approach to ‘leave no one behind’

Globally, semi-arid lands (SALs) are home to approximately one billion people, including some of the poorest and least food secure. These regions will be among the hardest hit by the impacts of climate change. This article urges governments and their development partners to put SAL inhabitants and their activities at the heart of efforts to support adaptation and climate resilient development, identifying opportunities to capitalize on the knowledge, institutions, resources and practices of SAL populations in adaptation action.

Kate Elizabeth Gannon, Florence Crick, Joanes Atela, Zhanna Babagaliyeva, Samavia Batool, Claire Bedelian, Elizabeth Carabine, Declan Conway, Mamadou Diop, Sam Fankhauser, Guy Jobbins, Eva Ludi, Ayesha Qaisrani, Estelle Rouhaud, Catherine Simonet, Abid Suleri and Cheikh Tidiane Wade.
(2020). In: Global Sustainability, 3, E6. doi:10.1017/sus.2019.26