Susana Mourato


Susana is professor in Environmental Economics at the Department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

She is an environmental economist and an expert in the application of economic valuation techniques to the measurement of environmental change.

Current projects include a large international investigation of the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage.


Susana joined LSE in 2008, after ten years at Imperial College London. She is also Visiting Reader at Imperial College London, Honorary Senior Fellow at CSERGE (University of East Anglia) and a member of several expert panels on environmental valuation for UK government and industry.

Susana has worked on more than 45 research projects and consultancies for research councils, government, industry, charities and international organisations.

Research interests

  • Valuing natural wealth and creating markets for ecosystem services;
  • Perceptions and preferences for low-carbon energy technologies;
  • Environmental valuation, methods and applications;
  • Life satisfaction and the environment.


Working paper  27 August, 2018

Seeing red, but acting green? Experimental evidence on charitable giving and affect towards biodiversity

This research investigates how different audio-visual information on conservation influences charitable donation behaviour and emotions. read more »

Working paper  27 August, 2018

Do biodiversity conservation videos cause pro-environmental spillover effects?

The unintentional effects that conservation videos requesting financial donations might have on how people act in relation to environmental causes are investigated in this study. read more »


Research article  4 November, 2015

Monitoring local well-being in environmental interventions: a consideration of practical trade-offs

Paper considers the practical trade-offs policy makers and practitioners must navigate when utilizing the concept of well-being in environmental interventions. read more »

Research article  21 April, 2015

Assessing the Relationship Between Human Well-being and Ecosystem Services: A Review of Frameworks

Focusing on the most impoverished populations, we critically review and synthesise key themes from dominant frameworks for assessing the relationship between well-being and ecosystem services in developing countries. This requires … read more »


Working paper  1 August, 2013

An experimental investigation of the impacts of persuasion and information acquisition of non-use values for climate change adaptation

Focusing on the estimation of WTP for climate change adaptation projects in vulnerable areas around the world, this study explores the divergence between economic non-use values … read more »


Working paper  30 November, 2012

Investigating fishers’ preferences for the design of marine Payments for Environmental Services schemes

We determine the effects of various management restrictions on adoption rates of marine PES schemes. Choice experiments are used in order to determine how fisher participation … read more »


Working paper  1 November, 2011

Income diversification, social capital and their potential role in uptake of marine Payments for Environmental Services schemes: a study from a Tanzanian fishing community

We analyse the role of risk mitigating strategies upon the willingness to adopt a marine PES scheme in fishing households. More specifically we focus on the … read more »


Research article  18 October, 2010

Public attitudes towards and demand for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles: A review of the evidence and methodological implications

It is now widely recognized that effective communication and demand-side policies for alternative energy require sound knowledge of preferences and determinants of demand of the public and consumers. To … read more »

Research article  19 June, 2010

Land use change and availability of ecosystem services in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

The importance of quantifying existing ecosystem services, assessing the impacts of various land use decisions and ultimately evaluating the overall costs and benefits of different land use patterns having … read more »


Research article  18 November, 2009

Investigating the potential for marine resource protection through environmental service markets: an exploratory study from La Paz Mexico

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have long been advocated as effective management vehicles for promoting long-term conservation of marine resources and biodiversity. However MPAs are failing in their conservation goals, … read more »


Research article  17 March, 2008

Environmental cost-benefit analysis

Environmental cost-benefit analysis, or CBA, refers to the economic appraisal of policies and projects that have the deliberate aim of improving the provision of environmental services or actions that … read more »

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Announcement  2 June, 2011

Susana Mourato, Steve Gibbons, Giles Atkinson, George MacKerron, Guilherme Resende and Murray Collins contribute to UK National Ecosystem Assessment, published today

Staff, students and members of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment have contributed to this report, which provides an analysis of the UK's natural environment in terms of the benefits it provides to society and continuing economic prosperity. read more »


Announcement  5 October, 2010

LSE researchers launch mobile app to 'map' happiness

'Mappiness' aims to better understand how feelings are affected by a person's immediate environment. National happiness levels are updated in real time, and over 800,000 responses have already been recorded. read more »

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Public Lectures 15 Jun 2009

Manuel Pinho - A New Energy Policy for Portugal

In 2005, Portugal adopted a new energy policy, promoting renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and reducing external dependency. The main results so far have been extremely positive and will lead … read more »

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