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  • Simon Quemin

    Research Officer

    Simon Quemin is a Research Officer at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. He joined the institute in November 2018. His research lies at the interface between environmental and resource economics (climate policy in general and emissions trading in particular), decision-making under uncertainty and game theory.


    Simon completed his PhD in economics at the Climate Economics Chair, at Paris-Dauphine University (PSL Research University) in 2017, titled “Essays on spatial and temporal interconnections between and within Emissions Trading Systems”. He then served as an associate lecturer and researcher (ATER) for one year at Paris-Dauphine. He also holds a MRes in environmental and energy economics from ENPC ParisTech and a MEng in energy and fluid mechanics from ENSTA ParisTech.

    Research interests

    • Environmental and resource economics;
    • Climate policy and carbon pricing;
    • Decision theory and game theory.
    Working paper  30 August, 2019

    Emissions trading with rolling horizons

    The authors of this paper develop a model to evaluate first, the market developments in the European Union emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) over 2008–2017 ex-post and second, the performances of main features of the EU ETS reforms that took place in 2018, ex-ante. read more »

    Working paper  27 February, 2019

    Linking permit markets multilaterally

    This paper develops a novel theoretical tool with which a jurisdiction can evaluate the economic gains it can expect to obtain by linking its emissions trading system (ETS) to one, two or many ETSs at the same time, and proposes a reason why the global market remains a distant dream. read more »

    Research article  20 February, 2019

    Transitional restricted linkage between emissions trading schemes

    Linkages between Emissions Trading Systems are deemed an important element of the future climate policy landscape. They are, however, difficult to agree and remain few and far between. Temporary restrictions … read more »

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    Grantham Workshop 30 Jan 2019

    Intertemporal Emissions Trading and Market Design: An Application to the EU-ETS | Simon Quemin

    Simon will be presenting his paper: Intertemporal Emissions Trading and Market Design: An Application to the EU-ETS Abstract We develop a model of competitive intertemporal emissions trading under uncertainty with … read more »

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