• Jonathan Colmer

    Former PhD Student

    Jonathan’s research focusses on the intersection of Development and Environmental Economics with topics in Labour, Productivity, and Trade.

    He will on the academic job market this year and will be available for interviews at the Spanish Economic Association Annual Meeting (Girona, Dec 10-12th 2015), the American Economic Association Annual Meeting (San Francisco, Jan 3-5th 2016) and the Royal Economic Society Job Market Meeting (London, Jan 8-9th 2016).


    Before starting his PhD at the LSE, Jonathan graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics and MSc in Economics from the University of Exeter. During that time he specialised in Growth, Development, and Public Economics.

    Research interests

    • Growth and Development,
    • Environmental Economics,
    • Labour Economics,
    • Productivity and Innovation,
    • Trade
    • Public Policy.


    • Winner of the FEEM Award 2013 (Young Economist Prize awarded by the European Economic Association).


    Working paper  4 September, 2015

    Consumption smoothing and the welfare cost of uncertainty

    When agents are unable to smooth consumption and have distorted beliefs about the likelihood of future income realisations, uncertainty about future states of the world has a direct effect on … read more »


    Working paper  26 September, 2013

    Climate variability, child labour and schooling: evidence on the intensive and extensive margin

    How does future income uncertainty affect child labour and human capital accumulation? Using a unique panel dataset, we examine the effect of changes in climate variability … read more »


    Working paper  1 November, 2011

    Asymmetry, optimal transfers and international environmental agreements

    This paper applies optimal sharing rules to a coalition formation game with positive externalities, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-designed transfer schemes in improving outcomes for participation … read more »

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    Policy publications  1 March, 2013

    An Independent National Adaptation Programme for England

    An Independent National Adaptation Programme for England read more »

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    Announcement  2 September, 2013

    Grantham Research Institute student receives the FEEM (Best Young Economist) award

    Jonathan Colmer, a PhD student at the Grantham Research on Climate Change and the Environment, received this award at the European Economic Association. read more »

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