Anne Owen

Policy publications  9 March, 2020

Distributional impacts of a carbon tax in the UK

This study explores the distributional impacts of a net-zero-consistent carbon price across different household types and income deciles in the UK; and examines which combination of interventions may reduce carbon consumption and still be progressive. The authors find that it is possible to design a revenue recycling scheme that leaves fuel-poor and low-income households better off while driving the transition to net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050. read more »


Misato Sato
Policy publications  1 June, 2016

Inclusion of Consumption of carbon intensive materials in emissions trading – An option for carbon pricing post-2020

A project led jointly by Climate Strategies and DIW Berlin has been exploring whether inclusion of domestic sales of selected energy intensive commodities (e.g. steel) in domestic emission trading schemes … read more »

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