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    Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Stern

    Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Stern

    Rodney joined the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in March 2014. He is primarily responsible for providing policy-related research assistance to Professor Stern. He is also a Policy Analyst within the Institute’s policy team, working on projects relating to financing the adaptation to and mitigation of climate change impacts.


    Rodney has been involved in the energy and climate change sector since 2006, working on climate finance, renewable energy and carbon economics. He started his career in the UK as an Energy and Carbon Analyst with National Grid, one of the world’s largest utilities, before becoming Senior Research Analyst with IDEAcarbon, an independent London-based group specialising in providing financial intelligence and advice on carbon markets and climate policy. For two years, Rodney volunteered to lead the CDM/JI commentary at Climatico Analysis.

    Prior to working at the Grantham Research Institute, he was with the Climate Policy Initiative in Berlin and Venice. Here, he analysed the role of public money to mobilise private climate investment, tracked current climate finance flows globally and for Germany, and worked with policymakers to test the effectiveness of European energy and climate policies, including energy network regulation and financing, renewable energy support and carbon market design.

    Rodney holds a MSc (First Class with Distinction) in Sustainable Energy Systems specialising in the economics of the power system and climate policy design, and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, both from the University of Edinburgh.

    Research Interests

    • The role of the public in climate investment through efficient financial support and effective policy.
    • Private sector investment strategies, business models, risk/return appetites and measuring real or perceived risks.
    • The bankability of renewable energy technologies and cost reduction potentials.

    Publications produced prior to joing the Institute

    Financing transmission investment and the role of public policy
    Boyd, R., and K. Neuhoff. 2012. Conference Paper – 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market, Florence, Italy.

    Renewable electric energy integration: Quantifying the value of design of markets for international transmission capacity
    Neuhoff, K., Barquin, J., Bialek, J., Boyd, R., Dent, C., Echavarren,  F., Grau, T., von Hirschhausen, C., Hobbs, B., Kunz, F., Nabe, C., Papaefthymiou, G., Weber, C., and H. Weigt. 2013. Energy Economics, v.40, pp.760–772.

    How do surplus allowances impact banking behaviour? Drawing lessons from the European Emission Trading Scheme
    Neuhoff, K., Schopp, A., Vasa, A., Stelmakh, K., and R. Boyd. Forthcoming.

    Policy paper  31 August, 2015

    The road to Paris and beyond

    This paper shows that effective international cooperation can help the world develop along a 2°C pathway and adapt to the climatic changes already locked-in as a result of past and ongoing greenhouse gas emissions. read more »

    Policy paper  19 August, 2015

    Tracking intended nationally determined contributions: what are the implications for greenhouse gas emissions in 2030?

    This paper looks at whether the intended national determined contributions (INDCs) that were submitted by 20 July 2015 are consistent with the 2°C limit. read more »

    Policy report  16 June, 2015

    Bridging the gap: improving the economic and policy framework for carbon capture and storage in the European Union

    This policy paper outlines measures that need to be taken by EU countries in order to develop and deploy Carbon Capture and Storage technology. read more »

    Policy paper  4 May, 2015

    What will global annual emissions of greenhouse gases be in 2030, and will they be consistent with avoiding global warming of more than 2°C?

    Countries agreed at the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP20) in Lima, Peru, in December 2014 to set out their “intended nationally determined contributions” (INDCs) … read more »


    Policy paper  19 November, 2014

    Innovation, risk and government: perspectives and principles from the social sciences

    The interplay between innovation and risk, and the social interactions between public and private sectors, are critical in fostering innovation and determining its effectiveness. read more »

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    In the news  2 September, 2015

    "Ramped-up" commitments needed to overcome carbon emissions gap: study

    Xinhua, 1 September

    In the news  2 September, 2015

    Metas de redução de emissões são insuficientes, revela estudo

    31 August, Estado de Minas

    In the news  20 August, 2015

    EU calls for urgency in ‘seriously lagging’ Paris climate talks

    Guardian, 20 August

    Commentary  20 August, 2015

    Countries are falling short of the 2°C target but Paris can unlock four keys to climate action

    Policy analyst, Rodney Boyd, reflects on a recent report which showed countries were falling short in efforts to avoid dangerous climate change. read more »

    In the news  19 June, 2015

    EU Needs More Carbon Capture Technology, Report Says

    Wall Street Journal, 16 June

    Press release  16 June, 2015

    European Union needs to increase investment in carbon capture and storage to meet its climate change targets

    EU countries need to significantly increase investments in carbon capture and storage and show much greater urgency and determination to develop and deploy the technology according to a new report by the Institute. read more »

    In the news  10 June, 2015

    G7 fossil fuel pledge is a diplomatic coup for Germany's 'climate chancellor'

    Persuading climate recalcitrants to sign up for phasing out fossil fuels by 2100 is a significant achievement by Angela Merkel. Article includes comment by Rodney Boyd from the Grantham Research Institute. read more »

    panorama of Paris
    In the news  6 May, 2015

    Paris climate summit: Carbon pledges to fall short of warming goal, Stern warns

    Sydney Morning Herald, 4 May

    In the news  6 May, 2015

    Key climate change goal may be missed

    The Hill, 4 May

    In the news  5 May, 2015

    UN says carbon plans 'deeply inadequate'

    Sky News Australia, 5 May

    In the news  4 May, 2015

    Carbon plans deeply inadequate: climate study warns

    AFP, 4 May

    In the news  4 May, 2015

    Réchauffement climatique: les engagements actuels ne suffiront pas

    L’Express, 4 May

    United Nations
    In the news  4 May, 2015

    Britische Forscher: UN-Klimaschutzziele sind gefährdet

    Yahoo News Germany, 4 May

    In the news  4 May, 2015

    Emissions pledges 'are not enough'

    Daily Mail, 4 May

    Nicholas Stern
    In the news  4 May, 2015

    Current carbon pledges won't stop dangerous global warming, says Lord Stern

    Commitments already made by world governments to cut carbon emissions aren’t enough to keep global warming below the crucial 2C target – but a strong deal is still possible in Paris, says economist read more »

    More in news

    Policy Seminars 24 Jun 2015

    Report Launch (London) | Bridging the gap: improving the economic and policy framework for carbon capture and storage in the European Union

    Agenda Presentation of key findings  Debate:  How can the development and deployment of CCS be accelerated in the EU in the next 5 to 10 years? Panellists:  Michael Schuetz, European … read more »

    Policy Seminars 16 Jun 2015

    Report Launch (Brussels) | Bridging the gap: improving the economic and policy framework for carbon, capture and storage in the European Union

    This event launches a new report by the Institute, in partnership with the Grantham Institute at Imperial College, on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and features a panel discussion on how CCS can be accelerated in the EU in the next 5 to 10 years. read more »

    Grantham Workshop 21 Jan 2015

    Grantham Workshop – Samuela Bassi and Rodney Boyd - "How can policy make carbon capture and storage (CCS) more bankable in the European Union"

    Samuela Bassi, a Policy Analyst at the Grantham Research Institute and Rodney Boyd, a Policy Analyst and Research Advisor to Professor Lord Stern, will be the speakers for this seminar. … read more »

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